MISUMI Mexico Ready to Support Industry 4.0 Implementation
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MISUMI Mexico Ready to Support Industry 4.0 Implementation

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Sat, 09/01/2018 - 13:16

The Internet of Things (IoT) has affected the manufacturing industry in a variety of ways. The industrial revolution started with steam machines, evolved to programmed robotics and now is stepping into fully automated machines. IoT has truly opened the world of manufacturing to new levels.
Industry 4.0 and the Industrial IoT work hand-in-hand, turning manufacturing plants into “smart factories” with cyber-physical systems that make decisions based on what they learn and then communicating their findings to their human counterparts via the Internet. The automotive industry has led the charge in IoT implementation with advancements in robotics and programming.
Soon factories will be able to assess the conditions of manufacturing equipment and make decisions based on those assessments, from repairing themselves to adjusting energy levels according to production demand. Machine learning is a key element in IoT because machines can learn from data collected and make decisions with very little human intervention.
With the power of the IoT, customization can become the standard as it will change processes to make them more efficient. Increasing demand for highly customized and cost-efficient products is driving manufacturing into Industry 4.0 and IoT playing fields.
Consumers want new, affordable products that make their lives easier, which means manufacturing must evolve to meet these demands. Continual investment in robotics, technologies and networks is a top priority for organizations and it will benefit their operations in the long term by providing increased quality production at a lower price, operational flexibility and cutting-edge technology.
While certain skillsets may no longer be needed in the factory of the future, new technologies open opportunities at a higher talent level. The US Department of Commerce reported that manufacturing has added 945,000 jobs since March 2010. It is expected that more lives will be simplified with IoT and efficiency for the greater good. At MISUMI MEXICO, we are ready to help companies in the implementation of Industry 4.0 practices with all the industrial components needed for factory automation and interconnection.

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