Navistar Prostar

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 11:53

Navistar’s ProStar is designed to be at the pinnacle of fuel efficiency in the heavy duty sector. Its 13-litre engine with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology and Eaton automated 10-speed transmission achieves an increase of 5% in fuel economy over the competition, states the OEM. The automated transmission helps reduce the discrepancy in driving styles between experienced and inexperienced drivers. Automated transmissions are gaining acceptance in the industry and already making up 30% of the market, with ProStar leading the way. To further improve this model’s fuel efficiency, Navistar has opted for an optimized engine and transmission communication system. This includes intelligent shifting and down speeding which allows the engine to operate at lower revolutions per minute and use less fuel, all without sacrificing performance. The aerodynamic design and components also contribute to fuel economy.

Navistar poured five years of research and development and an investment that exceeded US$300 million to create the ProStar. With the driver’s comfort in mind, the ProStar eliminates 90% of blind spots, increases front suspension stability by 33%, and offers an overall better driving experience, stated Navistar upon the truck’s launch. Productivity is also high on the list as ProStar now offers a higher capacity for storage and a reduction in weight of 45kg. Its Cummins ISX engine purrs at 450-500hp while encased in high-impact fibre optics and high quality plastic material moldings, making it lighter and less likely to crash. Factoryinstalled roll-stability and traction control allow the ProStar truck to overcome any driving condition. At the forefront of innovation, ProStar’s components are directly integrated into the computer’s electrical system, allowing for a faster diagnostic inside and outside the vehicle. It is no surprise that the ProStar was named “truck of the year” by the American Truck Dealers Association (ATD) in 2014. ProStar has accomplished its mission as it is now positioned at the top of Mexico’s truck sales and has also been a bestseller in the US. Mexico can take pride in being the country to manufacture the ProStar at Navistar’s Escobedo site.