Fernando Murguía
Director General
TecAlliance Mexico

New Thinking Needed to Use Information Effectively

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 11:26

Modern businesses collect data in many ways, recognizing the exercise’s contribution to a faster and more efficient automotive aftermarket service. But the industry needs to develop a different way of thinking in the spare parts, accessories and vehicle components market to use this information effectively, to report on trends and to react to them, says Fernando Murguía, Director General of market intelligence business TecAlliance Mexico.

TecAlliance sees itself as the international driving force behind data, processes and integrated solutions in the automotive aftermarket. “We provide market intelligence and services that generate a community,” says Murguía. TecAlliance gathers market intelligence data about vehicles and spare parts directly from automotive suppliers and the industry. Its shareholders are the leading companies in the international parts industry. They promote TecAlliance as both partners and customers.

The company developed operations in Europe, Asia, South America and the US before coming to Mexico. It cut the ribbon on its new installations north of Mexico City and started operating officially in 2016. Since then, it has been creating its expansive auto parts database in the country, targeting aftermarket commercialization and distribution with the intention of changing the way companies negotiate in this segment. The team has set up modern tools for consulting services, data delivery and implementation, the most common users of which are auto parts manufacturers, repair shops, spare part distributors and strategy and marketing departments of automotive companies. The platform provides market intelligence that increases the presence of all parts manufacturers in the market, while providing information on the national vehicle park to identify new business opportunities.

Keeping pace with the ever-changing requirements of the digital aftermarket, the company also offers an up-to-date and integrated electronic parts catalogue. Murguía needs to prove the value of the company to the Mexican market. Supported by 25 years of experience in the global market, he strives to show how TecAlliance’s network and services can reach out to all companies, from those handling parts distribution to the final customers purchasing replacement parts.

The operating strategy behind TecAlliance works in three different ways. First, all the information regarding auto parts manufacturers is gathered and organized. Through wholesalers and spare part stores, TecAlliance gathers further information to complete its auto parts search engine. Third, the company provides web-based solutions for the information collated in its TecDoc Catalogue.

Murguía explains that his team helps the aftermarket sector to improve its business in line with the era of digitalization. “We convert a parts catalogue from an old-style printed version to a standardized electronic web solution that can be easily updated and transferred to the final user.”

In Mexico, few companies try to improve technology by focusing on parts manufacturers, distributors, workshops or installation facilities. Many are unaware of the easiest way to do so. Manufacturing companies in general could make a greater effort in this area and adopt best practices from TecAlliance, Murguía says. “Companies should try to produce a standardized parts catalog of electronic and web solutions. TecAlliance provides expertise in digital information to help them.” If companies approach TecAlliance early on, they can create their own electronic catalogue and extend this data to an e-commerce solution, for example. This is made possible through the creation of the largest vehicle database in Mexico, with more than 65,000 types of vehicles, over 6 million automotive parts, information dating back to 1945 translated into Spanish and a range of images.

“Our catalogue provides comprehensive information for vehicle identification to facilitate the appropriate selection of vehicle spare parts,” says Murguía. “Our goal is to create an electronic parts catalogue with the highest number of parts manufacturers to support the entire commercial chain.” If parts manufacturers do not have the resources to make this process, TecAlliance is prepared to support them by offering cataloging services.