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Newcomers: BMW 5 Series, Mini Countryman

By Alejandro Enríquez | Fri, 05/29/2020 - 15:10

BMW and MINI, part of BMW Group, revealed their new 5 Series and Countryman models, respectively. State-of-the-art technology and functionality are part of the new members of the BMW Group family. 

Best-Seller Renewed

Through a livestream video, BMW announced the new BMW 5 Series, its best-seller sedan worldwide. "For nearly 50 years, the 5 Series has enjoyed unrivaled global success because it has always been state of the art and has led the way," said Pieter Nota, Board Member of BMW and Head of Customer, Brands and Sales. 

The new version of the BMW sedan will give the final user the ultimate experience on cutting-edge innovations in driver assistance features, connectivity and control. "The world is constantly evolving; business is changing and leadership is changing. Today, there is a new generation of leaders and they have different needs and desires, just think about digitalization and climate change," said Nota.

The BMW 5 Series was firstly introduced in 1972 and it has been a best-seller ever since. Now, the new version will be also adapted to the ongoing electrification and hybrid needs of BMW users. "Looking at drivetrains, more and more of our 5 Series customers want to drive electric, especially in urban areas. That is why the new 5 Series will offer the widest range of plug-in hybrids in the BMW portfolio," Nota said. The 48V hybrid technology was already included in this model to provide more rapid responses and enhanced efficiency thanks to the 48V starter-generator. 

ADAS features present in 5 Series are paving the way for a deeper autonomous driving. Among the features, there is an optional Driving Assistant Professional which includes active navigation, lane change assistance, automatic energy formation and junction warning features. 

Largest Model in the MINI Family

The British MINI premium brand reinvents its Countryman model with a polished design and distinctive premium features. "MINI Countryman is the largest of our models. It is a family vehicle with the highest level of practicality and the usual MINI touch. But at the same time, it has an adventurous spirit, one that aims for experiences in the country side," says Oliver Heilmer, Chief of Design at MINI. 

MINI's new line-up includes a significant optimization in terms of space, versatility, functionality and comfort. The new model embraces sustainable mobility with a hybrid option with fuel performance of between 50 and 58.82 km per liter and 7.14-7.63 km per kWh. "With MINI Countryman S E, we take the leadership we have with MINI Cooper SE. Electric genes are visible. The fully-digital toolkit is particularly prominent to take modernity of the drivetrain system to the cabin," says Heilmer. 

As for technology features, MINI Countryman will be equipped with a permanent SIM card in the vehicle that will be used for smart emergency calls or vehicle location. Connected Media options will enable all infotainment systems in the new model to be integrated with Amazon's Alexa.

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