Nissan Agrees to 9% Wage Increase at its Plant in Morelos
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Nissan Agrees to 9% Wage Increase at its Plant in Morelos

Photo by:   Nerijus jakimavičius
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Rodrigo Andrade By Rodrigo Andrade | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 03/06/2023 - 12:48

Nissan Mexicana has struck a deal with labor representatives at its Morelos plant, agreeing to boost wages by 9% starting in April. The agreement will affect the wages of the 1,500 unionized workers at the plant. The announcement comes in response to inflation that has reduced the purchasing power of workers in the country and is consistent with other recent wage increases in the automobile sector in Mexico.

The Sindicato Independiente de Trabajadores de Nissan, the union that represents the workers at the plant, stated that the wage increase was approved by most workers in late February 2023. Leobrado Herrera, Secretary General, Sindicato Independiente de Trabajadores de Nissan, notes that the union’s goal was to raise wages beyond the general price index, which was 7.76% in the first half of February 2023. According to Herrera, the union’s priority is to keep labor stability while seeking a wage hike that reflects the increasing cost of living. "We are interested in maintaining labor stability," says Herrera, according to El Economista.

The new wage agreement will be valid for a year, after which the union and Nissan Mexicana will renegotiate the terms. The company's Mexican unit confirmed that it negotiated the deal with the union and stressed its commitment to protecting the labor rights of its unionized workforce in Morelos, where it produces the NP300 pickup truck.

This wage agreement is in line with recent developments in the automotive industry in Mexico. In the past year, other automakers have granted similar wage increases to their unionized workers. Audi Mexico, for example, raised wages by 9.4%, while Volkswagen Mexico granted a 9% wage increase, respectively.

Nissan Increases Efforts Towards 2030 Sustainability Goal
The Japanese automaker continues to promote greater access to EVs and its e-POWER vehicles, while enhancing the competitiveness of its development and manufacturing capabilities. To achieve this goal, the company will introduce 27 new electrified models, including 19 new EVs, by fiscal 2030. The plan comes in response to changes in customer needs and the business environment, and is part of Nissan’s goal to further accelerate electrification. The new models will meet growing customer needs for exciting and diverse electrified vehicles.

Nissan's plan also includes the development of 23 electrified vehicles, including 15 EVs, by 2030. This plan was previously announced as part of Nissan Ambition 2030 and is expected to increase the electrification percentage of the Nissan and INFINITI brands to over 55% by 2030, up from the 50% previously forecasted.

Photo by:   Nerijus jakimavičius

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