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Nissan Continues to Promote Electric Mobility

By Alejandro Enríquez | Fri, 05/22/2020 - 16:46

Latam Smart Energy & Mobility Virtual Summit gathered industry leaders, government officials and other stakeholders to discuss the future of sustainable mobility and the energy sector. A key element discussed was the integration of electric mobility and smart cities in a post COVID-19 scenario. 

During the event, key note speakers from the Interamerican Development Bank, as well as government officials from of Colombia, Costa Rica and Spain discussed issues related to sustainable mobility. Among private sector representatives, Nissan Mexicana and Porsche Latin America participated in the discussion electric mobility after COVID-19.

"Regarding electric mobility, IADB has been working on electrifying public transportation and public fleets. There is not a single country that has not said this is a priority for them. We carry on with our technical support in electric mobility, to define preliminary studies, regulatory framework, new business models and financing schemes," said Marcelino Madrigal, Leader Electromobility Platform of IADB.

In regards to development of electric mobility in Latin America, Claudia Rodríguez, Strategic and Electrification projects director of Nissan Mexicana, affirmed that: "Nissan continues to boost the adoption of electric, autonomous vehicles and connectivity technologies to reach its goal to move people to a better world. With our participation in events to foster dialogue on the subject as well as looking for strategic partners and allies, Nissan is promoting the consolidation of an electric future in Mexico and Latin America", she said. 

The direction for Strategic and Electrification projects was recently created at Nissan Mexicana as part of the company’s strategy to reach  a zero-emissions, zero-accidents future under the Nissan Intelligent Mobility strategy. Before the pandemic, José Román, president of Nissan Mexicana shared with Mexico Business News the brand's approach towards electrification: "EVs are a fact now. In Mexico and Latin America, EVs will arrive hand-in-hand with technologies such as e-power. E-power is an electric powertrain with a combustion engine that supports and charges a battery, which is the opposite of a hybrid vehicle that has a combustion engine supported by a battery" he said.

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Over the last five years, OEMs have undergone an effort to expand their portfolios to include hybrid and electric models. From mass models to luxury vehicles, the biggest challenge remains in the high price of the powertrain technology. Regardless, market demand for electric vehicles reached a milestone in early 2020 when Tesla's market capitalization surpassed those of Ford and GM combined.

"In addition to the bet on technology and development, OEMs have made most of the investment in terms of charging infrastructure; however, we still need support from public and private actors so that electric mobility reaches a greater potential in our region" said Rodríguez.

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