Nissan GT-R 2017

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 23:34

“Godzilla” has arrived in Mexico and is ready to win the hearts of adrenaline, speed and high-performance enthusiasts. Built at Nissan’s plant in Yokohama, Japan, the new GT-R will compete in the supercar segment.

Clients across the country can now order the GT-R 2017 at any of Nissan’s 230 dealerships, selecting from three available body colors: orange or “Blaze Metallic,” pearl white and metallic grey, which can be matched with black or orange interiors. Nissan will also market a unique Premium version that comes with MX$2.6 million (US$147,350) price tag.

“Nissan GT-R is the model that materializes our brand’s promise to offer innovation and excitement to all our clients 207 in Mexico and around the world,” says Mayra González, President and Managing Director of Nissan in Mexico. “GT-R represents the explosive and adrenaline-filled face of Nissan that we want clients to fall in love with, get excited about and identify with.”

The new GT-R is powered by a V6, 24-valve, 3.8-liter twin- turbo engine capable of delivering 565hp at 6,800 rpm and 633Nm of torque. All GT-R engines have an artisanal touch, carefully crafted and assembled by a “Takumi,” or master engineer. The engine's cylinders feature a unique plasma coating on the inside walls, with an independent intake system for each bank, helping reduce friction and weight, improving their cooling capabilities, power output and the system’s overall fuel efficiency. The engine is coupled to a double-clutch, six-speed transmission, allowing the vehicle to reach the same gear-shifting speed as a Formula 1 car – approximately 0.15s – without compromising torque or acceleration in low and high- speed conditions.

Both the transmission and the vehicle’s suspension can be adjusted to maximize the driving experience according to three levels: R-Mode for sport performance, Normal-Mode for everyday use and Comfort-Mode for long journeys and slippery conditions.

The car’s performance extends to the body, which was designed to boost aerodynamics. The rigid hood reduces deformation and both the front spoiler and the door moldings improve air flow to increase stability. Although the GT-R was built with a rear-wheel drive configuration, its Integral Drive System ATTESA E-TS can transfer power to the front wheels up to a 50:50 ratio depending on speed, lateral acceleration, turning angle and tire slip.