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Nissan Mexico Jumpstarts Workplace Innovation with Mayu

By Alejandro Enríquez | Fri, 04/30/2021 - 06:00

Mexico's second largest vehicle producer and top seller, Nissan, is innovating its corporate culture and its way to interact with one another. Mayu, Japanese for cocoon, is a new digital platform that aims to strengthen multidirectional teamwork and support the exchange of good practices within the organization. In cold numbers, 34,000 members from Credi Nissan, SICREA, ANZEN, Nissan' Dealerships and ANDANAC will be integrated in Mayu.

"At Nissan, our clients, our employees, our dealership network and our financial branch are out top priorities in every single action we take. We are living a structural and cultural transformation that will make Nissan a more efficient and focused organization," said José Román, President and Director General of Nissan Mexicana. "Mayu will focus on collaboration and the exchange of ideas and experiences that help everyone in the organization to thrive under the same vision and values."

Mayu comes at a time where automotive companies are rethinking not only how they work but also how they deliver results. Claudia Márquez, CEO of Hyundai Motor de México, described during Mexico Automotive Summit 2021 how the company adjusted to new working methods. “There is fear and nervousness when it comes to new ways of living and working. We have reconditioned the home office so workers can operate the best way possible. People may be home but we cannot stop thinking about their emotional well-being," she said.

On an earlier interview with MBN, José Román acknowledged how disruption can benefit an organization as a whole. "A leader should manage disruptive projects and business thinking with a long-term view. We have more than 58 years of traditional history in Mexico. Now, we should think about the future," he said.

As Mayu encompasses all areas of Nissan, including dealerships, finance, manufacturing and company associations, it creates a unique space to foster transformation in areas such as dealers' sales strategies, best practices and best customer experience.

Nissan has recently announced it will renew some of its best-selling models such as the Versa and Sentra to strengthen its market leadership in the country. Mayu supported the strategy, planning and launch by allowing leaders from Nissan, SICREA and ANDANAC contribute. At the moment, 9,000 employees are already part of the platform, with more to come.

Photo by:   Nissan Mexicana
Alejandro Enríquez Alejandro Enríquez Journalist and Industry Analyst