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Nissan’s e-POWER Technology Arrives in Mexico

By Sofía Garduño | Wed, 07/13/2022 - 09:21

Nissan Mexicana announced the arrival of the e-POWER technology in Mexico through the  Nissan Kicks e-POWER. By introducing this technology to the country, Nissan aims to strengthen its Ambition 2030 plan and achieve 50 percent electrification by 2030. Nissan calls the e-POWER technology as the “electric rebellion.”


“These are times for transformation for the automotive industry and a new era of Nissan Mexicana starts with the arrival of Nissan Kicks e-POWER. With this technology we reaffirm, once again, our commitment to democratizing electric vehicles and offering a new era in the driving experience,” says José Román, President and Director General, Nissan Mexicana and NIBU.


The Nissan Kicks e-POWER will have an electric motor to propel the wheels while an internal combustion engine charges the vehicle's battery. The e-POWER technology offers seven driving modes and high autonomy thanks to its regenerative brake. It also optimizes energy use, gives the user a sport driving experience and allows a fast acceleration. e-POWER also has an electric high-performance motor of 100 kW.


“Whereas hybrid vehicles have a big internal combustion engine and a small electric engine, e-Power has a larger electric motor that powers a small fuel engine. e-Power provides additional benefits as it does not need to be plugged in and has the performance of an electric vehicle at all times. e-Power’s prices consequently remain considerably lower than a fully electric vehicle,” said Román to MBN.


With the Nissan Kicks e-POWER, the Japanese automaker aims to offer the Mexican market a new vehicle segment that meets the demand and requirements of drivers, incorporating in a key model a unique acceleration and electric power


The introduction of this technology in Mexico is part of Nissan’s celebrations of its 60 years of manufacturing operations in the country. The Nissan Kicks e-POWER’s launch was announced during the latest edition of Nissan Futures, held in Mexico. Nissan Mexicana recently announced an investment of over US$700 million in Mexico, as reported by MBN.


“During the Nissan Futures event in Mexico, we demonstrated part of Nissan's transformation both in the country and globally, as well as advances in our studies and strategies to respond to the needs of society that are finally reflected in our range of products and services,” said Rodrigo Centeno, Marketing Director, Nissan Mexicana.


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