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North America’s New Normal

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 05/21/2020 - 17:33

The automotive industry in the US has resumed operations. FCA, Ford and GM restarted operations at their plants in the US among strict sanitary conditions. However, two days later Ford closed two plants, one in Michigan due to a positive COVID-19 case and the other in Chicago due to parts shortages. Will this be the new normal?

Meanwhile, manufacturing plants in Mexico will have to wait a few more days to reopen. Even though the industry has been labeled as essential, companies still have to submit to the federal authorities the health protocols they are going to comply with when reopening. After a 72-hour period of revision, they will be allowed to reopen. Otherwise, they will have to wait until June 1.

Ready to hit the road? Here is your weekly news roundup.

•    Auto industry reignites in the US; Mexico will have to wait. US car manufacturing plants started operations already. In Mexico they are waiting for their sanitary protocols to be approved. 

•    Automotive clusters discuss next steps. The Mexico Automotive Cluster Network alongside four clusters presented the details in the road toward USMCA.

•    Autonomous vehicles: what we know so far. Tech giants and large automakers continue developing new approaches to automated driving systems.

•    Multilateralism to support global supply chains. The Mexican Ministry of Economy subscribed to a joint declaration by G20 members on building resilience in global supply chains. 


•    Ford closes two facilities due to COVID-19 contagions and supply chain disruptions. 

•    French government wants Renault to maintain its French plants as engineering centers. 

•    After years in proceedings, a German court has finally ended the case against Volkswagen AG CEO and the so-called diesel-gate. 

•    COVID-19 has led Asian companies to a 43 percent drop during 1Q20.

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Mexico Busines News, Reuters
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