OEMs Bet on Connectivity, Infotainment Systems
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OEMs Bet on Connectivity, Infotainment Systems

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Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 01/06/2022 - 15:56

Volvo, Honda and Renault signed chip deals with Qualcomm to refurbish their infotainment systems and digital dashboards. Meanwhile, The International Expo of Technology and Manufacturing for Latin America (FITMA) is getting set for its debut in Mexico City on Jan. 18, 2022.


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Samsung Reinforces Automotive Memory Solutions

As the electric vehicle market continues to develop, solutions that meet its innovative requirements continue to advance. This time, Samsung introduced an extensive lineup of cutting-edge automotive memory solutions designed for next-generation autonomous electric vehicles.

“What used to be a seven to eight-year replacement cycle is now being compressed into a three to four-year cycle and, at the same time, performance and capacity requirements are advancing to levels commonly found in servers,” said Jinman Han, Executive Vice President and Head of Memory Global Sales & Marketing, Samsung Electronics.

Waymo, Zeekr to Develop Autonomous Taxi

Alphabet's self-driving company Waymo teamed up with Chinese automaker Geely’s premium electric mobility brand Zeekr to launch a fully autonomous, all-electric vehicle for ride-hailing.

The vehicles will be designed and developed at Zeekr’s plant in Sweden and later integrated with Waymo’s self-driving technology to be introduced to US’s roads “in the years to come,” said Geely Holding, Volvo’s parent company.

OneCarNow! Wants You to Have a New Car

One of the latest Mexican startups to enter the automotive market, OneCarNow!, looks to simplify the process for acquiring a new vehicle, which is highly complex due to Mexico’s complicated requirements. Founders Mairon Sandoval and Manuel Cangas claim that the need of guarantors, deposits, insurance, maintenance and renovations, amongst other factors, stop thousands of Mexicans from successfully acquiring a new vehicle. Because of this, the entrepreneurs launched OneCarNow! in Nov. 2021 to aid others through the process.

Volvo, Honda and Renault Sign Chip Deals with Qualcomm

Qualcomm Corp signed deals to supply chips to Volvo Group, Honda Motor and Renault, pushing its automotive industry strategy with legacy firms digitizing their vehicles.

Originally known for its mobile phone chips, Qualcomm entered the automotive industry with several offerings ranging from self-driving car brains to chips that operate infotainment systems and digital dashboards. These technologies aim to transform automakers into platform innovators, allowing them to generate revenue long after a vehicle is sold through over-the-air upgrades, a business model introduced by Tesla.

2021 Auto Sales See 6.8 Percent Rise

Mexico’s automotive sector faced a challenging year after its much hoped for recovery was cut short due to the ongoing global semiconductor shortage, among other emerging challenges. But even with several unprecedented world crises, the industry was able to close 2021 with a rise of 6.8 percent in auto sales compared to 2020.

FITMA: New Meeting Point for the Manufacturing Industry

FITMA, organized by Gardner Business Media (GBM), will feature speakers from several industries from Jan. 18 to 20, 2022, at Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City. Learn everything about the upcoming event in our interview with Arturo Morales, Director of Events and Marketing, Gardner Business Media.

Photo by:   MBN

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