One-Stop Leasing Shop

Tue, 09/15/2015 - 15:26

Born out of the opportunity to provide fleet management services and leasing to the Mexican market, Ixe Fleet was formed by two leading companies in these fields, namely, Ixe Automotriz and Wheels Inc. When clients of the recently formed Banorte-Ixe began requesting fleet administration, it was Wheels that came in with its fleet management solutions. After 75 years of expertise in the fleet market, this Chicago-based company provided the system and technology to Ixe Fleet, as well as the necessary training for call center managers and other executives. Mario Daniel Fernández Manriquez, Subdirector Flotillas of Ixe Fleet, outlines Ixe Fleet’s three main channels for attracting clients. “The first is via other clients that are directly contracted by Wheels in the US and Europe, most of which are corporations that want to streamline and use a single supplier internationally. The second channel involves leasing arrangements through Banorte clients who are offered an integral service, and finally, through personal recommendations from previous clients.”

Through Ixe Automotriz, Ixe Fleet is able to lease over 10,000 vehicles, making it one of the largest vehicle leasers in Mexico. Headquartered in Mexico City, the company covers a broad market, generating business with anything from large corporations to SMEs. The largest advantages that Ixe Fleet offers its clients is the protection of a financial group, which offers ready access to liquidity and competitive leasing rates, while providing a comprehensive fleet service. Furthermore, Ixe Fleet’s relationship with Auto Uno, which helps with the maintenance network, remarketing, purchasing, and dealer relationships on a national basis, permits proper upkeep of the fleet vehicles. In addition to vehicle leasing, Ixe Fleet offers a range of management products and services to simplify administration. “As we are under the protection of a financial group, we can satisfy practically 100% of the client’s financial necessities, while also providing all the fleet services,” states Fernández Manriquez. “Nowadays, most clients are not comfortable with various suppliers that offer them just one of these services, making us a highly attractive alternative.”