Martin Josephi
Director General
Lamborghini, Aston Martin & Morgan Mexico
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Fri, 09/01/2017 - 12:05

Q: What value does Aston Martin place on the technology within its vehicles?

A: The brand does not neglect technology within the car. Since we are not experts in this regard, we started collaborating with Mercedes-Benz regarding infotainment. All the technology for the vehicle’s interior is something in which Mercedes excels, so we worked alongside the company to include its technology in Aston Martin models. It is important to note that although we use Mercedes-Benz’s technology, the design remains entirely Aston Martin’s. Our vehicles are very well- equipped, including a camera that provides 360° vision and detection sensors that are placed all around the car. Our vehicles offer a number of technology advances that no other sports car has.

The DB11 model was the first model to reflect our collaboration with Mercedes-Benz in terms of infotainment. This model in particular is equipped with up to 13 speakers. Although components like these can add weight to a sports car, we believe the DB11 can afford the extra cargo because it has its own driving options. For instance, you can choose to drive the DB11 in its turbo configuration and hear the engine or you can opt for a more comfortable driving mode with a more silenced cockpit.

Q: What are the engineering and design differences between the DB and the Vanquish and Vantage models?

A: DB models are the brand’s core family. These are our main cars and the model from which the rest of our vehicles are derived. The DB9 shares a number of similarities with other models. For instance, the DB9 and the Vanquish have the same chassis, even though the Vanquish has a completely different body made of carbon fiber. This characteristic is quite unique because few cars are made from this material. Carbon fiber allows the vehicle’s design to have certain curves that cannot be accomplished with aluminum, which results in a more attractive and aerodynamic design. The engine also has more horsepower and due to its sports nature, includes improvements in the suspension and the car exhaust. We could say that the DB family is the classic, timeless model while Vanquish is the extreme version of Aston Martin.

Vantage models are a completely different platform, with a sportier focus. It can be compared to Lamborghini models. Vantage cars do not come with much equipment, which allows the car to carry less weight.

Currently, we are working on a new generation of the DB model. Although we only have the DB11 as part of this new generation, this particular car will serve as the base for Aston Martin’s new vehicles. It has a completely new concept and does not share any characteristics with previous models.

Q: What are Aston Martin’s goals for the new AMR brand?

When it comes to these vehicles, we do not focus on sales but on displaying what the brand can do. The company’s vision is for every model to have an AMR version in the future. I do not know if we will sell one of the Vantage AMRs in Mexico but we are already on the list to receive the Rapide AMR model.

A: Rather than sales goals, our AMR brand has more of a marketing focus. The brand includes only limited-edition cars and has presented only two models so far. One is the Rapide AMR, of which Aston Martin will only produce 210 units, and the Vantage AMR Pro limited, with only 10 units for the entire world.