Phascope Paint: Accurate Measurement in the Palm of Your Hand
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Phascope Paint: Accurate Measurement in the Palm of Your Hand

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Sat, 09/01/2018 - 10:26

Field testing often involves checking many different kinds of coatings, which requires a flexible instrument. In the era of Industry 4.0 applications, such a solution has to meet digital and connectivity standards to ensure testing is effective and does not compromise the production line.
PHASCOPE PAINT relies on the versatile eddy current method. It can measure paint coatings on magnetizable substrates such as steel or iron, as well as on nonmagnetic metals like aluminum without having to change the device or the probe. If clients are not sure what kind of substrate they are dealing with, PHASCOPE PAINT can automatically detect the material and select the appropriate measuring mode.
During measurement, a red LED indicates if tolerance limits are exceeded. That makes it easy to recognize defects in the coating, even for nontechnical users. To simplify analysis of the readings, PHASCOPE PAINT uses an intuitive app. Measurements can be visualized on a smartphone without having to first transfer them to a computer. Reports can also be created directly on the smartphone. PHASCOPE PAINT also includes a special feature that allows the user to quickly insert photos of the test site into the measurement report to document potentially damaged areas.
When handling pieces of various aluminum alloys, their different conductivities can influence coating thickness measurements. Because of this, PHASCOPE PAINT is equipped with a conductivity compensation feature, which ensures accurate measurement results. In addition to spot checks, PHASCOPE PAINT also has a continuous mode for testing large areas, providing up to 70 measurements per minute.
PHASCOPE PAINT is an ideal and versatile solution for measuring paint coatings and it is applicable in industries ranging from automotive to corrosion protection. The solution has a measurement range of 0 to 2,500µm and follows ISO 2360, 2178, 21968 standards, as well as ASTM D7091. It has a wireless connection via Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery with a USB connection. Companies can use this to quickly test random samples from a manufacturing line, document damage or defects on an inspection round or even control incoming goods. PHASCOPE PAINT is a handy gauge that fits in the operator’s pocket.

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