Gustavo Rubio
Commercial Director
Williams Scotsman
View from the Top

Plant Relocation and Bespoke Space Solutions

Tue, 09/01/2015 - 14:03

Q: Which contribution does Williams Scotsman aspire to make to the development of the Mexican automotive industry?

A: Williams Scotsman builds small cities that complement and provide services to project developments. Our space solutions for industrial developments include schools, mobile offices, bedrooms, libraries, and restaurants. The automotive industry will rely heavily on this type of service, since recent expansions exceeded their expectations. Our focus has been channeled toward building light vehicle plants and facilities, although we have a strong involvement with Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers in both light and heavy segments. Ideally Williams Scotsman starts working with OEMs as soon as they have chosen a plot of land to build on. Being able to assess the number of employees our clients will have to account for, as well as the equipment they will need in order to run their operations efficiently allows us to determine the hydraulic, electric, and furniture specifications of our solution’s layout. As space solution providers, we offer value propositions such as adapting plant developments as OEMs expand their workforce and occasionally helping to modify clients’ internal offices. Additionally Williams Scotsman differentiates itself with fitting interior equipment, tailored for our clients to lower their workload and stress levels. In the past, our value added product services represented 5% of our total revenue, but that percentage increased to 15% during 2015 and our short-term goal is for this to reach 30%. We have two basic products, the first being our trailer camp establishment, while the second is our AS Flex solution. Although the plots of land where plant developments take place are extensive, most spaces have already been destined for specific purposes. This makes vertical solutions very attractive for customers who wish to use space that already houses developments, and our AS Flex solution can grow vertically, contrary to the most basic solutions, which can only expand horizontally. KIA and Mazda combine both solutions, which works for them.

Q: What specific benefits does Williams Scotsman obtain from operating in the Bajio region?

A: We have directly benefited from the boom in the Bajio region by receiving business from OEMs during their expansions thanks to recommendations from suppliers, particularly Mazda, Nissan, and Honda. Another example of our success is the relationship we established with KIA for whom we are the main space solutions provider. These recommendations were generated by our fleet of over 3,500 units, which is unparalleled in Mexico.

Q: What type of space solution is most commonly requested by the automotive industry?

A: The automotive industry usually requires office spaces, training rooms, and dining halls, although we only provide the shell for the latter. Schools are also demanded in some instances, but we remain skeptical about the success of this type of service. Our traditional office space is comprised of cubicles with drawing boards, training rooms and meeting rooms, which are essentially normal offices with furniture and screens but with added mobility features. Our relocation services have also been welcomed across the automotive industry and in Mexico as a whole. Many projects carried out by the oil and gas, automotive, and educational industries are relocated, and we can provide flexible solutions based on the project needs. In the past, most of our workforce was focused on the oil and gas market niche with the help of PEMEX. However, Williams Scotsman has stressed the importance of the automotive industry and has therefore rechanneled resources toward our Redi-Plex solution, which we believe fits the automotive industry perfectly.

Q: What are Williams Scotsman’s priorities and ambitions for the automotive industry in the years to come?

A: Audi’s plant development is a priority that we are working on meticulously. The second stage of the plant development is an ambitious project, which makes it even more attractive, since it would be a record breaking project for Williams Scotsman Mexico. Furthermore, as a result of our relationship with Audi, we have been able to enter negotiations with BMW’s San Luis Potosi plant. In addition, we are working with Mercedes-Benz in their Aguascalientes plant and KIA on various ventures throughout 2015. Finally, we are also working with Chrysler on its Toluca plant expansion. Once we close negotiations with BMW, our next aim, albeit long-term, is to have presence in every automotive plant across the country, as well as every orbiting supplier. We try to generate longterm relationships with automotive companies.