Polomex Paradiso 1800 DD
Spotlight - Tue, 09/15/2015 - 20:09

Polomex Paradiso 1800 DD

The Paradiso 1800 DD amplifies the pleasure of traveling with high-quality standards, comfort, and safety
Tue, 09/15/2015 - 20:09
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The Paradiso 1800 DD amplifies the pleasure of traveling with high-quality standards, comfort, and safety. This bus’s overall hardiness is coupled with exemplary levels of efficiency, as well as a maximum passenger and luggage capacity that sets it ahead of the competition. Overall, the Paradiso 1800 DD maximizes cost effectiveness through environmentally friendly design, fuel-efficiency, and a level of personalization to meet the needs of any passenger. Marcopolo has produced a double-decker that exudes an attentive focus on technology and comfort, thanks to its combination of

modern design and luxury, and its advanced features within the intercity bus segment. The vehicle possesses a total width of 2.6m and a height of 4.23m, allowing for interior heights of up to 1.8m on the upper and lower decks. Furthermore, at the lowest weight in its category, the Paradiso 1800 DD is a distinctly environmentally friendly option. The Euro V certified technology, easy access to engine and maintenance spots, and new external light assembly including LED and daytime indicators, all contribute to the safety and reliability of this vehicle.

This double-decker can be equipped with night lighting in the parcel rack and in the corridors, individual reading lights, and lighting on the stairs. The seating meets national and international safety and comfort standards, and the Paradiso can be optionally fitted with super-soft armchairs, sofa beds, and semi recliners, with a choice of master or executive, each having four reclining positions. These options ensure the maximum level of comfort appropriate for the journey length that the vehicle is intended for.

Practically the entire exterior is made of plastic reinforced with fiberglass, while the exteriors below the window line are composed of smooth aluminum panels. The conventional sliding windows are equipped with a manually operated locking system, and are also made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, but are mounted on an aluminum structure. Passenger access is via a pantograph door that can be remotely triggered by the driver, adding to the security features designed into the Paradiso’s sturdy structure.

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