Port of Veracruz

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 16:52

API Veracruz is the main gateway to Mexico on the Gulf of Mexico. According to the National Infrastructure Program 2014-2018, Veracruz will receive a total investment of US$4.6 billion of which US$1.9 billion comes from public funds. Veracruz holds the biggest market share with 71% of automotive port movements. With the new infrastructure plan, the port will be able serve 48 ships simultaneously, increasing its cargo movement from 21 million tonnes to 110 million tonnes. With this investment, Veracruz will undergo an expansion that includes specialised terminals, equipment, and warehousing. US$3.54 million has been allocated to the establishment of the Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL) which will contribute to the optimization of logistic activities within the port. Likewise, US$385,000 has been allotted to the construction of a control center that will monitor the access and transit of ground transportation in order to increase logistic and operative competitiveness. Veracruz is aiming at enhancing its mobility and transportation services with an investment of US$44 million that will connect the port with the Santa Fe Multimodal Terminal, which will be covered by the rail routes of KCSM and Ferrosur. However, in 2013, the port experienced a saturation of vehicle merchandise as more automotive companies sought to connect to markets in Central and South America. During the first trimester of 2014, the port experienced a decrease in mobilization of automotive cargo by 12%, with approximately 40,000 vehicles being exported. However, it is important to note that operations increased by 4% in April year-on-year. Having undergone this saturation but now able to plan for new infrastructure thanks to additional investment, Veracruz will hold its position as the preferred port for automotive operations.