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PPG's Envire-Prime Epic

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 14:23

Strict environmental requirements are fostering innovation on all fronts, calling for reduced weight, emissions and energy consumption. Any improvement in paint supports companies pushing to reach sustainability targets as it is one of the most delicate processes in automotive production.

With its new patented Envire-Prime EPIC e-coat solution, PPG hopes to provide the most efficient option to OEMs. The company says its metal-free catalyst technology offers superior smoothness, corrosion resistance and excellent thin-film pretreatment performance. Envire-Prime EPIC is available in both high- and hyper-throwpower versions. This helps OEMs cope with the cost volatility of other coatings that use metals such as bismuth, which is in short supply. “Enviro-Prime EPIC e-coat fulfills our expectations for corrosion resistance, adhesion and general performance,” explains Rodolphe Anquetil, head of the anticorrosion department for PSA Peugeot Citroen. “It provides us with best-in-class appearance. We consider our conversion to Enviro-Prime EPIC e-coat a success.”

The PSA Group launched Envire-Prime EPIC at its plant in Mangualde, Portugal in October 2014. After seeing improvement in its operations, the company decided to implement this solution at its largest European plant in Vigo, Spain in August 2015. The e-coat went through stringent tests and analyses, including a vehicle with Enviro-Prime EPIC e-coat undergoing 60 testing cycles. This confirmed the e-coat’s performance in appearance, mapping and bacteria sensitivity, thin-film pretreatment compatibility, film-build distribution and throwpower. The results also highlighted a 10 percent reduction in the amount of e-coat required compared to PSA’s previous technologies.

“Enviro-Prime EPIC e-coat is setting the tone for increased market expectations because of its outstanding appearance and low thicknesses,” adds Luis Aragon, PPG Global Account Director, automotive OEM coatings. “Its proprietary organic catalyst ensures sustainability by providing low-temperature cure capability without a negative environmental impact. Overall, it provides an excellent combination of premium performance at an optimized cost per vehicle.”