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Production of Heavy and Light Vehicles Still Down

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 03/11/2021 - 17:36

Light and heavy-vehicle production still shows a double-digit decrease in February, the last month before lockdowns began in 2020. Industry leaders of the heavy vehicle sector, Daimler and Scania, address the key elements for the sectors’ recovery and its strategies for the market. The President of CLAUGTO also shares his perspectives for the industry. In the international arena, Volkswagen AG and BMW remain confident about profitable results in 2021.

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Five Women Leading Mexico’s Automotive Industry

International Women’s Day in 2021, which commemorates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, takes place amid a pandemic that has taken a toll on numerous economic sectors, including Mexico’s automotive industry. Five female leaders in the automotive industry share with MBN their experiences in facing the pandemic and the opportunities of tomorrow.

CLAUGTO: Addressing the Impact of the Pandemic

THe Director General of CLAUGTO details how the state considered the crown jewel of the automotive industry is preparing its economic recovery.

Daimler: Leading the Market Toward Greater Efficiency

Claudio de la Peña is Commercial Director of Daimler Mexico, the country's market leader for heavy vehicle production and sales with its Freightliner brand.

Scania Mexico Taking Aftersales to a New Level

Alejandro Mondragón became CEO of Scania Mexico in August 2020. Read about his plans for the company and his goal to take aftersales to new heights.

Mexican Automotive Production and Exports Drop in Puebla

The consequences of COVID-19 are already being felt in the Mexican automotive industry. According to INEGI, in 1Q21, Puebla recorded a 16.7 percent contraction in car production and a 12 percent drop in exports compared to the same period last year. In January and February 2021, Audi and Volkswagen, the Puebla-based carmakers, produced 77,966 units compared to 93,682 units in the same period in 2020.

Heavy-Vehicle Production Drops 19 Percent in February

According to INEGI and ANPACT, heavy-vehicle assembly in February was of 10,178 units, 19 percent below February 2020, the last month before 2020’s government-imposed lockdowns to prevent COVID-19 contagions.

Volkswagen AG and BMW Optimistic About 2021Reuters reports that the CEO of Volkswagen Group, Herbert Diess, told German media that the company aims to get back to pre-crisis levels in 2021. BMW affirms the company is on track toward a profitable 2021 and is getting ready for a renovated vehicle portfolio that meets tougher carbon emission restrictions.

GM Continues to Promote Electric Mobility in the US

The company is taking bold steps toward electric mobility. This week, GM announced an agreement with SolidEnergy Solutions (SES), a lithium-ion battery startup. At the same time, GM President Mark Reuss said that US policymakers need to invest more in EV infrastructure.

Alejandro Enríquez Alejandro Enríquez Journalist and Industry Analyst