Production, Inventories Improve Amid Ongoing Challenges
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Production, Inventories Improve Amid Ongoing Challenges

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Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 04/27/2022 - 17:00

As the automotive industry recovers from the pandemic and ongoing supply chain disruptions, Toyota posted record high global production numbers in March, with 866,775 vehicles manufactured worldwide. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz said it expects inventories to remain high in 2Q22 as semiconductor supply remains volatile.


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OEMs Reaffirm Their Commitment to a Greener Future

In the wake of Earth Day 2022, which aims to raise awareness on the urgency of reducing net-zero greenhouse gas emissions to keep the global temperature warming below 1.5°C, automotive OEMs shared their strategies towards a greener future. The transportation sector is one of the main generators of  greenhouse gas emissions.

Scania’s First Electric Truck Arrives in Mexico

Scania México will introduce the country’s first electric truck, making Mexico the first in Latin America to receive this technology. The launch of this truck aligns with the Swedish heavy-vehicle OEM’s Science Based Targets, which aim to boost decarbonization around the world through electrification. “Scania’s commitment with sustainability is here and now, which is why we have brought this vehicle directly from the EU, so it can start moving in Mexico’s streets, collect data and provide a personalized offering to our clients,” said Miguel Guerrero, Marketing and Communication Coordinator, Scania México.

LGES Sees Brighter 2Q22 Outlook

South Korea’s LG Energy Solution booked a 24 percent quarterly profit drop, far milder than market estimations, reported Reuters, as strong sales of batteries to Tesla helped the company to stay afloat. LGES said it has set itself up for a “robust” 2Q22.

Toyota Reports Record High Global Production

Toyota reported record high global production in March, despite lagging numbers regarding home production. The automaker assembled 866,775 vehicles across the world in March, a 2.8 percent increase against the same month last year and a monthly record.

Mercedes-Benz’s Inventory to Remain High during 2Q22

Mercedes-Benz expects inventories to remain high during 2Q22 as supply chain bottlenecks impact production and logistics, amid a volatile semiconductor supply, reported Reuters.

Technology: Driver of New Talent for Industry 4.0?

Regardless of different industries’ focus, the adoption of digitization is advancing. Industry 4.0 is here to stay and as digital technology evolves, the industry will require prepared professionals to face the upcoming challenges, wrote for MBN Manuel Macedo, President, Honeywell Latin America.

Adaptability is Crucial for Vehicle Sales

Do not miss this week’s interview with Fernando Enciso, Director México, Grupo Surman. Read the full interview here and get the latest insights on vehicle sales trends.

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