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Proper Advice Can Get Dealerships Through New Challenges

Jaime Pedraza - Automotive Solutions
Founding Director


By MBN Staff | MBN staff - Thu, 05/26/2022 - 12:30

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Q: How does AutomotiveSolutions add value to dealerships in the current context?

A: AutomotiveSolutions helps both dealerships and clients through coaching, advisory and consulting to improve the purchasing process.

The pandemic forced dealerships to adapt to a digital model and presented new challenges, such as supply chain shortages. Our solutions are also designed to address these new trends and challenges. We help dealerships improve their customer acquisition processes, reception, immediate attention and communication to retain and attract clients and avoid losing sales.

Q: How do AutomotiveSolutions services help customers during the purchase process?

A: Experience is key in the automotive sales business, from brand knowledge to financing. Buying a car is not an everyday activity for people; for some, it is a once in a lifetime event and they do not take every important aspect into consideration. We help our clients identify their real need and, considering it and their budget, channel them to the brand, vehicle and dealership that best fits them best. Customers do not pay for our service, AutomotiveSolutions has a commercial relationship with dealerships.

The process begins with the webpage. Customers contact us and we determine the specific needs, according to their lifestyles, daily activities and the family size. AutomotiveSolutions could be seen as a personal shopper for vehicles.

Q: How did you implement your experience in financial matters to AutomotiveSolutions’s offer?

A: Every brand works with their own finance company but we created the Selexia platform to change the industry’s business model. Selexia is the first credit-processing platform based on the needs of Mexican dealerships. It helps clients choose from a variety of financial options on the same app, accelerating the entire process and helping dealers secure their sales. Selexia was launched on Oct. 1, 2021.

Q: What benefits does the Autoupgrade product offer?

A: Autoupgrade offers additional insurance services, such as coverage for loss or damage of keys, which usually amounts to about MX$6,000 (US$300). Additional coverage and warranties are also offered under a B2B scheme. Usually, dealerships commercialize these products to their final clients.

Q: What is the added value that AutomotiveSolutions offers PEMEX employees?

A: AutomotiveSolutions is a PEMEX supplier, which allows us to offer special prices to its workers. However, this has been difficult to do over the course of the last year due to the semiconductor shortages that hit the entire industry, leading dealerships to struggle with maintaining their stock. Some of them have already closed.

Q: How did you adapt AutomotiveSolutions’s products to the current low-inventory, post-pandemic context?

A: We are now helping dealerships increase the average ticket through additional sales, such as added-value products, insurance policies, coverage, warranties, accessories or prepaid maintenance. Post-sale services can help dealerships survive these low-inventory times. AutomotiveSolutions advises them on issues that range from digital strategies to client acquisition strategies to generate as much value as possible from every car sold.

Q: What does the picture look like for the Sale-U and Selexia platforms?

A: We have been working with the Sale-U platform to help dealerships increase their productivity. Currently, Toyota de México and Mitsubishi Motors de México dealerships are using this platform to manage both digital and traditional channels. Selexia is also being tested by some Chevrolet and Hyundai dealerships.


Automotive Solutions offers support, commercial advice and strategic consulting so dealerships increase their productivity and take the greatest advantage of each sale. It also offers additional insurance protection.

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