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Quanta Computer to Invest US$130 million in Nuevo Leon Plant

By Rodrigo Andrade | Thu, 07/14/2022 - 12:22

The Taiwan-based manufacturer of hardware devices Quanta Computer is bringing part of its production from Shanghai and Taiwan to its assembly plant in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This decision represents a $130 million investment and will double the size of Quanta Computer's plant in the state. The plant expects to close 2022 with 2,000 employees. 

The plant will focus on electronic manufacturing and will produce “a device that helps to control different functions of a vehicle, it is the most complex machine that we are manufacturing,” said Pedro Campa, Vice-President of Operations, Quanta Computer. Following the investment, Quanta Computer's 227,000-ft2assembly plant in Nuevo Leon, located in the Industrial Park Avante, will expand to 500,000 ft2.

The new plant is part of the state’s efforts to attract investment and production, said Samuel García, Governor of Nuevo Leon. During the Quanta Computer's inauguration event, García said that “Nuevo Leon will open one plant per week, one foreign company will be opening per week in Nuevo Leon and we believe that we have enough plants and industrial buildings to receive them and once they are finished to build more.”

Quanta Computer chose to expand in Nuevo Leon thanks to its attractive characteristics, said Campa. “We are manufacturing in Mexico the most complex device on earth, which is why we are looking for an area of labor force, infrastructure and we decided to set up here,” he said.

Nuevo Leon is one of Mexico’s main auto parts producers. “In the growth projections of the global economy, we see all the possibilities for the automotive sector. In the world ranking of FDI inflows, Mexico still has a privileged position as investments have entered the automotive sector and also in other industries” said Francisco González Díaz, President, National Auto Parts Industry (INA), as reported by MBN. 


Photo by:   Dariusz Sankowski
Rodrigo Andrade Rodrigo Andrade Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst