Juan Manuel Manjarrez
Marketing Director
View from the Top

Reducing Friction Through Fusion

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 16:22

Q: Bardahl is very well-known across Mexico, but what new opportunities have you identified here of late?

A: Bardahl started out as an additive producer, so it has largely focused its efforts on protecting its leadership in additives for oil and gas, brake fluids, and coolants. In terms of increasing our presence in the automotive industry, we are always looking for ways to improve our distribution, the service we give to our clients, and to continue being the best option for the consumers that buy our products. Bardahl’s priority lies in offering bestselling products as part of a very solid portfolio in Mexico before moving further afield. However, we also have the Motron brand that is focused on Central American markets.

Q: Bardahl has one of the most complete R&D centers in Latin America. What are the main technical innovations being researched at the moment?

A: R&D is extremely important for Bardahl and we are strongly committed to innovation. In our lab, we carry out many experiments and tests on automotive fluids to evaluate their quality and performance, but we also count on our suppliers’ research since they help us to understand the market and technology trends, and support us in upgrading our products to offer new solutions for cars. We recently launched a new product called Fusion, which is very innovative in the oil segment since it incorporates our most successful additive called Bardahl 1. Fusion has a technology that prevents friction between metals and has proven successful in extending the lifespan of the engine.

Q: Beyond R&D, how is Bardahl planning to increase its presence in the lubricant market?

A: Bardahl built its brand equity with the animated Carrazo Character, which was launched in the 1970s. Carrazo was so influential in raising the brand’s image that it remains familiar to a lot of our consumers today. We are counting on that base to help the Fusion lubricant launch grab consumer attention and successfully penetrate the market.

Q: What are the main priorities on Bardahl’s 2014 agenda and what are the main long-term ambitions you are pursuing?

A: The launch of our Fusion lubricant, in order for us to continue as one of the main players in the automotive fluids category, is very important. We are focused on showing our clients and consumers the benefits of this product to quickly consolidate it and become part of the repertoire that every store must have. Every innovation always starts from the inside with our employees, and moves outward until it reaches the end user. With products like Fusion, we want to transmit the message that Bardahl will always be an important part of the automotive industry.