Renault Twizy Z.E

Tue, 09/15/2015 - 19:14

As mobility changes and people accept new forms of transportation, cars also start to evolve and adapt to new requirements. There are already many hybrid vehicles circulating on the streets and fully electric cars are slowly making their way into the market, but after ten years of research conducted by Renault Sport Technologies we can finally see a glimpse of what the future may hold.

Currently being built in Renault’s plant in Valladolid, Spain, the Renault Twizy Z.E. offers something unique to the Mexican market. This fully electric vehicle has a radical design with lines that are clean and simple, and attractive scissor doors that add to its futuristic approach. Renault

offers two versions to meets to the needs of each driver. The Techno version is a two-seater with one seat in the front, the other in the back, and a small 5.5-liter carrier behind the backseat, while the Cargo version is a one-seater with a load capacity of 180l. With only 1.2m of width and 2.3m of length, the Twizy can get into tight parking spots. Its 80- 100km range makes it a perfect for urban use, while the Twizy’s 3CG synchronous electric motor can supply 20hp transmitted through a direct automatic transmission for a maximum speed of 80km/h, which is more than enough for a city drive. In terms of charging, Renault also pushes its technology boundaries. Apart from regenerative braking kicking in when the foot is lifted from the accelerator, the Twizy is the first and only vehicle that does not require a special electric charger. The car can be connected directly to any electric outlet, and it can be charged in only seven hours with a 110V supply, although it would only take three and a half hours with a 220V 3-phase source.

The interior is equally unique, as it has been designed to offer comfort and functionality without sacrificing the autonomy of the car. The dashboard has a minimalistic design that only offers the necessary information to the driver. Given the small space of the cabin, the sound system features only 2 micro speakers that can be connected via Bluetooth or cable to a phone or an MP3 player. Safety is also a priority for the Twizy, with disc brakes on all four wheels, a sturdy tubular structure, and an airbag for the front passenger. Furthermore, Renault offers a full fabrication warranty for the vehicle, its engine, and transmission for two years or up to 50,000km.

Renault has produced more than 11,500 units of the Twizy Z.E., making it a perfect example of the brand’s commitment to the environment. With Renault Eco2 strategy, the company set the objective of offering economic and environmentally friendly vehicles to the market, and now Mexican clients can capitalize on this with a car costing MX$280,000 (US$18,000).