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R.H. Shipping, Tracked Shipments for Improved Decision-Making

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 05/14/2020 - 18:53

Q: What advantages does R.H. Shipping offer compared to its competitors in the automotive industry?

A: We offer air, maritime and land services for automotive industry players involved in light and heavy-vehicle production, construction and agriculture equipment, motorcycles, suppliers of systems and components, spare parts services, aftermarket companies and industry events.

In all the industries we work in, we are aware that all our clients are different and each one has specific needs based on the merchandise they need to export or import. We have a specialized professional team that allows us to handle any type of cargo . We always take into account factors such as the urgency of delivery, dimensions, weight and fragility of the merchandise.

Especially in this industry, one of our main philosophies is “just in time,” because we know that time is a crucial factor in the automotive logistics chain. In addition, we have an alliance with a network of collaborators worldwide, such as the leading transport lines as well as the top airlines. This allows us to provide certain benefits and comprehensive transportation services to our clients. In recent years, we have strengthened our workforce with experts from all areas and services, such as maritime, air and land, to improve our market reach.

Q: What IT solutions does R.H. Shipping offer to its clients?

A: The company has a tool called R.H. Shipping TMS (Transportation Management System) through which we manage three key processes for the transportation of merchandise by sea, air or land. This tool helps us to implement efficient management in the contracting of transport and to improve control, while reducing costs and the complexity of the process. The three processes we manage are planning and decision-making, providing follow-up and measuring results.

In the first step, we define and develop the most efficient shipping schemes according to the parameters provided by our clients. For example, the cost of transportation, transit time, the punctuality with which the shipment will arrive at the destination, the number of layovers and other factors to guarantee quality service. Later, in the shipment follow-up, we take care of arranging any physical or administrative operation regarding the transport, such as customs processes, receipt of documents and invoicing. We always develop a priority scheme depending on the needs of our clients to deliver the best results. 

Finally, in measurement, we show our users their key performance indicators and provide them with reports from their supply chain. Some examples are the total number of shipments by region and the total shipping times of each.

Q: What advantage do your customers get by having a record of the shipments they make with you?

A: We record every step of the process with our clients so they have security and peace of mind when they need to make a quick decision in the event of a problem arising. For this purpose, we have an operating platform that provides the necessary tools to generate personalized load reports for each of our clients. These can be generated weekly, monthly or any requested period of time. Our reporting and alert systems are also designed and created according to the information that our clients require on air, maritime or land transportation, either import or export.

R.H. Shipping provides national and international logistics services for maritime, air, land and multimodal cargo transportation worldwide. It has been in the market for 24 years.

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