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The Role of Food Services at Manufacturing Plants

By Alejandro Enríquez | Wed, 09/23/2020 - 06:00

Q: What are the most important lessons Grupo Prosesa has learned from the pandemic?

A: Companies should be innovative, creative and pay close attention to industry trends. The industry has experienced several crises but unlike others, COVID-19 was sudden and had a deep economic impact. The best strategy is to adapt. Instead of complaining, companies must find ways to create the solutions customers still demand. Grupo Prosesa supports companies through food services and we have a strong presence in Chihuahua and the Bajio.

Q: What added value does Grupo Prosesa offer to the automotive sector?

A: We provide meaningful solutions for our customers through healthy and tasty food served with a great service-oriented focus. This is an added bonus to keep operators and other collaborators happy and even contributes to lowering turnover rates. We guarantee our services thanks to our diverse certifications. Companies should not worry about nuisances such as food or cleaning. We help them so they can keep their focus on their business.

Our strategy is based on five pillars. First is safety; our team’s well-being is our top priority. Our second priority is quality, both of our teams and of our products. Third, our goal is to deliver delicious food, no matter the hour of the day. Fourth, we provide a warm service. We are people serving other people so our training programs are guided by personal growth and service. Finally, we offer competitive costs. Our volume of customers and efficient supply management have allowed us to offer competitive prices. These five elements are our guarantee to customers.

Q: How do you adapt to a different customer profile?

A: Grupo Prosesa provides a custom-made solution. When we first arrive to a plant, we conduct a working condition diagnostic, while maintaining respect for our customers’ policies. We need to be aware of the profile of the employee or the operator. The number of calories and proteins depends on the activity they perform. For instance, companies manufacturing harnesses usually have a greater number of women while tire manufacturers usually have more men. Once we have the profile, we plan the operation. Our commitment is to provide tasty, nutritious and healthy food.

We design specific diets which also take into account the regional element. The dishes served in the Bajio area are not the same as those served in the northern part or the southern part of the country. All these elements should be taken into account. Bosch is a good example as it has different facilities throughout the country and we have different menus at each of them.

When it comes to nutrition, in the mining sector we even have data on employees’ weight. We have built a comprehensive solution by taking a nutritionist to the plant to select the best food at no additional cost to the operators.

Q: How do you adapt to tighter budgets?

A: During the pandemic, all players had to absorb a part of their operating cost, as well as other unexpected expenses, such as COVID-19 tests and sanitary measures. In this critical situation, cooperation is crucial to reach an agreement between suppliers and customers.

Social distancing is the key to ending the pandemic sooner. From what I have seen, the manufacturing sector is proof of how to build systems oriented toward continuous improvement. Companies have set the example of how a 7,000-person facility can prevent contagion. Other economic sectors should copy industrial standards. At our dining halls, we not only comply with the required protocols but we go one step beyond. Companies should take action to promote these kinds of measures.

Q: What are Grupo Prosesa’s strategies for the future?

A: Our goal for 2020 is for our teams to close the year healthy. Measuring traditional KPIs will not be sufficient to determine our success after the pandemic. All our hard work from previous years helped us build a strong and solid company, which allowed us to endure the pandemic. Our strategy is to remain visible to those companies that are in need of a food supplier, particularly when the pandemic has made small food suppliers vulnerable. In the short term, we will focus on improving our operations and then we will move on to strategic planning and long-term goals.


Grupo Prosesa is a family business with over 30 years of experience providing catering services to the manufacturing industry. The company has a strong presence in Chihuahua and the Bajio area

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