Eduardo González Salce
Director General
Gonzalez Trucking
View from the Top

Satellite Tech Helps Keep Tabs on Shipments

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 11:15

Q: What are Gonzalez Trucking’s goals with the automotive market gaining ground in Mexico?

A: Many well-established transport companies compete in the local market and there are new entrants looking to increase their market share. Each has its own niche and Gonzalez Trucking is no exception. We want to be the best transportation company in our segment, maintaining steady growth and attractive operations that generate value for our clients and stakeholders. Considering the market’s conditions, we are expecting 2016 to be a consolidation year. For 2017 we forecast growth between 12 and 15 percent.

Q: How has Gonzalez Trucking built its strong presence in the market?

A: We try to implement the best technology in transportation equipment. Gonzalez Trucking has highly qualified operators and the company has constantly invested in technology and communication solutions. We are pioneers in these systems and we manage it on a platform from Omnitracs. Most similar brands base their solutions on GPRS technology. This means wherever there is no cell phone coverage, the company loses communication with its units. Omnitracs offers full functionality 24/7, 365 days a year via satellite. This gives our clients the confidence to invest in our services. Our mission is to tend to our clients’ every need, which means being able to provide them with information on their shipment’s location and state at all times.

Q: How does Gonzalez Trucking personalize its business strategy according to changes in client portfolios?

A: The company operates four lines of service: refrigerated cargo, dry cargo, cargo exchange at the border and an automotive division that caters to several OEMs. The automotive sector in particular demands high levels of precision and efficiency but our background in refrigerated logistics has given us expertise that is the foundation for competing successfully in this market.

Our strategy is based on consolidating our business with automotive companies. While we have the capacity to include more clients, we are focused on offering the best service to industry leaders. Our plan to grow in line with our clients will support the company’s long-term operations. We are carefully analyzing the option of reinstating our port services now that the market is more stable. We also implemented a corporate structure in 2015, pre-empting the problems family companies often face.

Q: Does Gonzalez Trucking have the authorization to cross the border with its trailers or does it outsource these cargo operations?

A: We are certified by US authorities to cross the border and can travel to Canada if necessary. But US regulations state that the same operator must drive the truck at all times once it enters the country, which makes the journey highly inefficient. Therefore, we have agreements with the main transportation companies in the US to make these trips more efficient.

Our corporate offices are in Aguascalientes and our main operative branch is in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, complementing our other terminals in Queretaro and Guadalajara. We can address all urgent needs at the border, while managing all maintenance and repair operations in Aguascalientes. Queretaro and Guadalajara are two strategic locations from which we cover the rest of the country.