Scania Fleet Management Services and Scania Watch

Tue, 09/15/2015 - 15:48

Scania has moved on and developed its own Fleet Management Services (FMS) software to connect with every unit in the fleet, offering three different packages. The Monitoring package, included free of charge for up to four years with all new Scania units at the moment, is the most basic product, offering an easy overview of a fleet through weekly, monthly, and yearly reports. Every vehicle in the fleet is included in the report, recording its performance regarding fuel consumption, idle time, speeding, coasting, and CO2 emissions. That way, all vehicles can be compared with each other and with previous reports. Furthermore, this package gives the client access to the Scania Fleet Management Portal, where the service planning tool can help companies schedule service appointments for each vehicle. The Analysis package on the other hand, gives drivers a complete interpretation of the data obtained through the Monitoring package, analyzing trends and helping improve coaching and maintenance timeframes. This package gives 24-hour access to all key details of fleet performance directly through the Scania Fleet Management Portal, enabling users to sort and filter specific data for more detailed reports. Finally, the Control package offers the most complete information connecting the data from Monitoring and Analysis with geographic locations in real time. This adds geo-fencing and vehicle tracking capabilities to the program, improving the fleet’s overall efficiency. With the Control package, the Scania Fleet Management Portal can show the exact location of every unit, and even show when the operator is driving, resting or loading, apart from all the information you can obtain from the Monitoring package.

Apart from the Scania Fleet Management Portal, all three packages can be managed from the Scania Fleet Management App, providing mobile access to the entire fleet. However, Scania took one step further creating the all-new Scania Watch, integrating the capacities of FMS with a SmartWatch 3 from Sony, which displays the truck’s performance in real time. Its simple design and minimalistic approach offer only the necessary information to the driver. The Scania Watch offers instant overviews of the current fuel consumption, comparing this with the average from the previous seven days. Additionally, it offers driving behavior analysis through scores regarding speed, braking, and other values that improve fuel efficiency and wear in the truck’s components.