Scania Queretaro

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 13:53

The work of an OEM does not end when a vehicle is sold. Open lines of communication ensure the client has access to maintenance and repair services, which help develop client loyalty and new sales. The importance of these services is magnified in a country like Mexico that has an aging vehicle park

Scania, a global provider of transport solutions, knows this. It has established a strong service network throughout the country, supported by its headquarters and production operations in Santiago de Queretaro. The company's service centers are located in the cities of Monterrey, Torreon, San Luis Potosi, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puebla and Cancun. Scania also has plans for other centers soon to come in Hermosillo, Culiacan and Veracruz. To support this network, the company has more than 40 service shops in client facilities that work in tandem with the bigger centers.

Much of the heavy lifting begins in Queretaro. This is where the company’s technicians are trained before moving to other locations. New technicians spend a week at Scania’s headquarters learning the ropes. Even administrative recruits must spend at least a day in the workshop to become properly acquainted with the practicalities of the company’s business.

Queretaro is the base of Scania’s control center for maintenance operations, which means tracking its fleet of vehicles, scheduling service visits and answering emergency repair calls when needed.

About 60 chassis per month are manufactured at Scania’s Queretaro center while 15 trucks are repaired in the same period. Among its services, Scania offers engine, gearbox and differential repairs, as well as corrective and preventive maintenance. Prior to delivery, units undergo quality checks, electric repairs and powertrain reconditioning to ensure the vehicles are in optimum shape for their use by the client.

The company's target for the end of 2016 is to achieve a 95 percent level of service availability with 99.8 percent quality rating. Its current average is 94.72 percent service availability and quality is rated at 99.26 percent.There is always room for improvement but general key performance indicators show strong compliance with the company's objectives.