Schunk Synergy

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 22:45


Proper automation requires powerful and effective tools. SCHUNK Synergy’s customers benefit from superior components thanks to the company’s innovative portfolio, which results in a harmonized interplay of clamping technology and gripping systems for turning, gripping and handling. SCHUNK’s product integration allows them to access their equipment’s true potential. For lathes, we provide solutions from powerful chucks, precision toolholders and the largest standard chuck jaw range, up to special chuck jaws and hydraulic expansion toolholder solutions.

SCHUNK can provide full coverage for a unique spectrum of machining requirements by using innovative and highly precise toolholder systems alongside the largest modular system of stationary clamping technology. This allows it to undertake any task. Meanwhile, SCHUNK’s gripping- systems division develops grippers, rotary and linear modules, robot accessories, modular assembly automation and stationary and mobile gripping solutions. These tackle all challenges companies may have with material handling. SCHUNK’s solutions ensure faster loading and tool changing operations that maximize a systems’ productivity by creating more efficient and process-stable machine tools.

SCHUNK Synergy allows for complete integration by unlocking a company’s true manufacturing potential in all machining and production processes. This leads to strong cost reductions that combine accurate and flexible workstations with dynamic production automation.