Semiconductor Scarcity Brings Challenges, Opportunities
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Semiconductor Scarcity Brings Challenges, Opportunities

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Rodrigo Andrade By Rodrigo Andrade | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 10/06/2022 - 10:00

Mexico’s automotive industry seeks to overcome the challenges that arose following the COVID-19 pandemic. Queretaro automakers also aim to bring suppliers closer to minimize cost increases, while two semiconductor companies are interested in bringing their production to the state. 

Mexico’s Automotive Summit 2022 Echo took place last week, addressing the design of the car of the future, sustainable fuels, electromobility and many other topics. Check out the highlights on MBN

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Semiconductor Companies to Invest in Queretaro: CANACINTRA

Esaú Magallanes Alonso, State President, National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (CANACINTRA), confirmed that at least two Mexican semiconductor companies are looking to invest in Queretaro. This investment could help to satisfy the increasing demand for these components. 

“There is still a shortage [of semiconductors], and in the meeting Mexico had with the US, one of the main proposals discussed was the creation of semiconductor production plants in Mexico; I think it is a great opportunity for Queretaro and for Mexico, that the US is asking us to create the plants here,” said Magallanes. Read the complete article here. 

Automotive, Aerospace Industries to Adopt IMSS’s ELSSA

Automotive and aerospace manufacturing companies in Queretaro joined the IMSS’s Safe and Healthy Work Environments Program (ELSSA), in which the institutions offer virtual training activities aimed to establish preventive strategies by creating spaces for exercising and stretching. This program seeks to prevent labor risk and promote early detection of diseases such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension. 

The IMSS invited the main stakeholders of these industries to sign the National Agreement for Health, Security and Wellness of Workers, through the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of Mexico (CONCAMIN). Check out the details here. 

Queretaro’s Automotive Sector Faces Production Cost Increases

Mexico’s automotive industry faces 15-20 percent price increases because of the semiconductor scarcity and logistic issues. Queretaro’s automakers are looking to bring suppliers closer to reduce costs, as many components can be produced at a regional level, said Renato Villaseñor Mendoza, President, Queretaro’s Automotive Cluster. 

"In Queretaro, over 300 auto parts are being manufactured; it is not the same to manufacture a transmission as to manufacture a steering or braking system, a seat or a grill, a dashboard, which is why the supply chains are different," he explained. Read more about the story here. 

Light Vehicles Sales Grow by 11.6 Percent in September 

Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) reported a 11.6 percent increase in light vehicle sales last month. Nissan remains the uncontested leader in sales of light vehicles in the country. During September, the Japanese automaker held 15.5 percent of the total sales in the country. Check the report here. 

Car Haulers Request Road Weight Limit Increases to Transport More EVs

The current road weight limit established in the US may be a limiting factor for the electromobility transition, as car haulers in the country are asking for an increase in highway weight limits to transport more of these vehicles. Opponents warn about the potential dangers that this change could cause. 

"The truth is we will not be able to move as many electric vehicles under the current weight limit. That could mean more trucks on the road, delays in orders and increased costs," said Sarah Amico, Executive Chairman, Jack Cooper. Find out all the details here. 

Photo by:   MBP

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