Alejandro Lara
Director General
American Industries
View from the Top

Shelter Expert Seeks Growth Through Expansion, Diversification

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 11:02

Q: What advantages does American Industries offer the Mexican market?

A: We rely on the strength of our ISO 9001 2015-certified services portfolio. Our Oracle-based IT platform and our experienced personnel have also proven an advantage that clients appreciate. We believe there is no one in the market able to ensure the success of manufacturing clients starting operations in Mexico the way American Industries is positioned to do.

Q: How are you dealing with the lack of human talent, particularly in highly industrial areas such as the north and the Bajio?

A: We recommend that our clients be creative in rewarding the loyalty of Mexican workers. Companies must build effective communications with their associates and of course, offer a competitive salary and benefits package, coupled with a strong career-development plan. Because shelter services are part of our core business, American Industries can offer its experience with our more than 50 corporate clients in human-capital management and how to deal with talent attraction and retention challenges.

Q: With the arrival of Mercedes-Benz to Aguascalientes, BMW to San Luis Potosi and Audi to Puebla, what are your plans to expand your shelter services into these states?

A: We are currently planning an expansion to San Luis Potosi. We are supporting a soon-to-be-announced project of over 200 employees in that region. We are open to support companies in Aguascalientes from our nearby operation centers in Guadalajara or Leon in the short term. That being said, we have an open mind and we are not closed to the possibility of opening a new operations center in Aguascalientes.

Q: How attractive has your real estate portfolio been compared to your shelter operations?

A: Real estate has been equally attractive. We have premier locations for shelter and real estate in most major automotive clusters such as Guanajuato, Queretaro, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, Jalisco and San Luis Potosi. We are a flexible player with significant experience in the real estate market. We have land reserves in some of the best industrial regions in Mexico and a strong financial backbone with some of the most respectable sources of capital globally.

Q: Overall, what are your growth projections for American Industries in 2017 based on your results from 2016?

A: We expect to reach 15 percent growth in the number of projects we manage thanks to the strong development in all automotive regions. We have positive growth expectations for the industry, although we would also like to offer our professional services to other sectors such as IT or possibly the agro sector. We would also like to serve national companies with an international presence, rather than just foreign multinationals.

Q: What effect has economic and politic uncertainty had for shelter services?

A: We believe it has created some delay on investment decisions from some companies. Nevertheless, Mexico’s competitive advantages are still recognized and we believe companies are aware that the country can contribute in a very positive way to the overall health of the NorthAmerican productive economy. Our general expectation is that NAFTA’s renegotiation will be constructive and will make the North-American economy stronger than before. We can even see that expectation reflected in the foreign-exchange markets. Nevertheless, negotiations can be filled with some drama. But, overall, we believe in the competitiveness of the Mexican workforce and production infrastructure.