Smart Manufacturing after the Pandemic

By Mónica López | Tue, 03/30/2021 - 14:53

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Technology has been a major contributor to keeping operations safe, sustainable and cost-effective during the pandemic, but it also outlined areas of opportunity and future trends to watch out for, agreed panelists on Mar. 24 during Mexico Automotive Summit. In a panel moderated by Tarsicio Carreón, President of Chihuahua Automotive Cluster, leaders in the automotive industry debated the latest trends in smart manufacturing. For Matt Myrand, Group Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chain Manager at Faurecia, adopting these solutions requires testing and compatibility with older solutions. Alejandro Preinfalk, President & CEO of Siemens Mexico said “data is the new oil,” and addressed the actions companies should take with this valuable resource. Agreeing with Preinfalk, Marcio Delgado, Vice President of Production and Global Manufacturing at ZF, added digital twins and data are increasingly crucial for resource optimization.

Mónica López Mónica López Graphic Designer