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Solinda Unveils Daring Expansion Method

Víctor González - Solinda
Founder and CEO


Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 01/07/2022 - 10:40

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Q: How did Solinda position itself in the automotive industry?

A: Industrial Solutions Aguascalientes, or Solinda, started with a single milling machine, undertaking projects others would not. Experienced companies would only manufacture basic pieces to avoid trouble. We went after the more difficult jobs that would take longer but pay better. We started to be known for our precision parts and our reputation attracted potential clients. Later, we invested in CNC machines, which made us unstoppable. We now have 32 CNC machines and about eight milling machines and we have plans to enter the aerospace sector.

We are not afraid to fail by entering new territory.

Q: What were the reasons behind Solinda’s entrance to the aerospace sector?

A: In 2017, the automotive industry started to contract. A year later, the state’s government opened a project for 15 companies interested in entering the aerospace sector. We were selected from about 200 competitors and in 2019 we attended the FAMEX fair, where we discussed a potential project with Collins Aerospace. Sadly, the pandemic paused that project and led us to close for six months. We are now recovering and have started a project with Nissan to manufacture parts for wheels. We are now starting one project after another and we will close 2021 with very good momentum.

Q: How do you design your solutions and what does your project pipeline look like?

A: We manufacture everything from scratch. For example, we are making a highly-complex  assembly line for ITON. We also delivered an assemblage for Flex-N-Gate with which we have two orders that have been delayed because of the semiconductor shortage, which also delayed other projects. For the aerospace sector, we are in talks with Safran and with Bell Textron and we are quoting pieces for Safran. We require Safran and Bell Textron’s certifications to supply  them with our solutions. If everything works out, Solinda will expand to the US in 2023.

We are also closing a project to manufacture batteries for XOS, which manufactures electric trucks in Los Angeles for Amazon and for airports. The margins are small but the project could be the start of future collaborations. This project might also help us become a Tier 1 company and supply to the US. This project will open many doors for us.


Solinda Tools & Devices specializes in the design, production and automation of manufacturing solutions for companies in the automotive sector and other industries.

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