Rafael Lelo de Larrea
Director of Industrial Metrology
Carl Zeiss de México
View from the Top

Solutions for Intelligent Manufacturing Processes

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 10:39

Q: What impact is the 4.0 Industry having on Zeiss IMT?

A: Despite the digitalization and automation processes the 4.0 Industry demands, this new technological wave does not replace jobs. It helps people focus on making better decisions, improving processes and helping companies become better at what they do. Zeiss Industrial Metrology wants to eliminate the routine of operating a machine and enable operators to use their time for the creation of more efficient and better-quality products. An example of the benefits digitalization and automation bring to the industry is the PiWeb software designed and patented by Zeiss. It specializes in the analysis of process quality in real time and the interpretation of data obtained from measurements. It allows companies to detect any kind of anomaly and provides a fast solution. For Zeiss’ clients, PiWeb is the key to practices in the 4.0 Industry.

Q: What innovations in alternative metrology techniques is Zeiss IMT working on?

A: Innovation is fundamental to Zeiss IMT. Every year we invest 10 percent of our profits in innovative techniques. The Carl Zeiss Foundation also funds our R&D department to help us create solutions that will allow businesses and companies to reach their objectives in a competitive industry. Our O-Select vision equipment is the result of our constant innovation. It enables companies to find micron errors through automated complex measurements. The technology makes the product among the most advanced in the automotive industry, providing precision, simplicity and better-quality control on production processes.

In addition to the O-Select equipment, in 2016 Zeiss IMT introduced the Metrotom. Through contactless technology, it guarantees the highest precision and quality on final results, reducing margins of error. The growing importance of SMEs as Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies inspired us to develop Duramax LTE, which enables SMEs to use the same technology as OEMs and Tier 1 companies but at lower prices.

Q: How does the company ensure its employees are specialized in metrology?

A: Metrologists are in high demand because they can perform quality inspection services. Mexico is in need of well-prepared engineers, capable of managing cutting edge technology. We offer the Aukom certification (Coordinate Metrology Training), which reinforces and certifies our workers’ knowledge of tolerance, statistic magnitudes, legality, measurement techniques and quality control of measurement equipment and production lines. The certification, granted by the industrial metrology department of Zeiss de México, and training enables workers to meet their quality, efficiency and safety goals on the manufacturing of the final product. Accrediting more engineers and companies would contribute to the growth of the local manufacturing industry, increasing our competitiveness.

Q: How does Zeiss raise awareness of the advantages of its products among its clients?

A: We promote our products through constant participation in forums and expos that focus on innovation in the metal- mechanic, automotive and medical devices industries. It is important to stay close to our clients so we can ease their doubts and to see their needs first-hand. We also forge strategic alliances with research institutions. We teamed up with the Center for Advanced Technology (CIATEQ) to develop the first Laboratory of Industrial Tomography and Correlated Microscopy in Mexico. We expect the laboratory to provide almost 5,000 companies with access to its technology and consultancy services.

The success of our clients is paramount for us. That is why we offer consultancy throughout the entire purchase process. We assess the needs of our clients, provide recommendations and perform trial tests on the recommended equipment and software. Our relationship with customers does not end after a sale, it is only the beginning of a long relationship. Our equipment has a trackable serial number that allows us to perform follow- ups. We also have a highly specialized technical service team that periodically performs maintenance services on our equipment, complemented with measurement, inspection of parts through computerized tomography and online services to guarantee appropriate response times.