Manuel Uriarte
General Manager
Numalliance México
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Solutions in Parallel with Production

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 11:56

Q: What are the most important characteristics of Numalliance México’s solutions?

A: Numalliance builds CNC machinery for tube and wire forming, namely machines that bend tubes of any diameter from 4 mm, used in breaks and air conditioning, to 228 mm, used in aircraft such as the Airbus A380. We have operations in 33 countries, although our machines are present in over 70. Every component in our machines is European, with close to 80 percent coming from France. We design our solutions to adapt to the processes and needs of each specific customer and there are occasions when we specifically target the automotive sector. This industry is known for its efficiency and high-production volumes, making it distinct and more complex than most other sectors. Furthermore, to maximize space and reduce fuel consumption, the geometries of most automotive parts require secondary operations to shape them into their final form, including stamping, machining and welding. Numalliance México also takes care of these processes and our solutions run parallel to, or are integrated with, our customers’ production systems. We mainly work with Tier 2 and 3 auto parts manufacturers, helping them transform raw materials into products that will be assembled by a Tier 1 or an OEM.

Sometimes, companies are not up to date with specific technology advances, so our solutions must adapt to their personnel. In terms of our engines’ precision, our users can control the equipment’s position at all times with encoder and resolver systems, configured to stop the machine should it fail to reach the expected position within the correct time frame, allowing a tolerance of only 0.01 degrees.