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Francesco Petrelli
Automotive Specialist of Ventana Serra
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Specialization Key for Consistent Growth

Sat, 09/01/2018 - 11:11

Q: What advantage can you offer as an Italian forwarder in the Mexican automotive industry?
MP: Every freight forwarder needs to establish a proper network to do business and requires a specific strategy to develop. Specialization is key and we have established the automotive industry as one of our vertical priorities in Mexico due to our company’s background. The history of the group gave us the experience to be a leader in the automotive market and grow Ventana Serra’s position as a forwarder for the entire automotive industry. We have also chosen specific trade lanes on which to focus our Mexican operation. Being an Italian company, we were in a natural position to support trade operations between Mexico and Italy. We also chose Brazil, the US, China and Spain due to their importance in Mexico’s trade.
FP: As a global company, we are certainly capable of supporting companies that want to send shipments anywhere in the world. However, the experience of the company makes Arcese Group a partner constantly in tune with the times, with innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of every client. That makes us a suitable partner for thousands of companies across the world, operating in all kinds of sectors: from automotive to paper, textiles, fashion, chemicals and technology. We have a solution for all kinds of transport and integrated logistics requirements. Competition in the logistics market is fierce and prices can only change so much. Therefore, what makes a company unique is its dedicated service and the specialization it can offer through its operations and human capital.
Q: How can specialization help you boost clients’ competitiveness?
MP: Automotive companies trust in Ventana Serra because they know they can speak with us in their language. Moreover, our know-how in the industry helps us offer advice to improve our clients’ logistics based on their goals, while our specialization in trade lanes can help companies understand how logistics processes work in countries like Italy. We work with the same airlines and shipping lines as any other forwarder in the market so our offering is actually on the same level as our competitors. However, the experience we offer our clients and the advice we provide them on creating economies of scale between regions and within a country itself is what allows companies to reduce costs.
Q: What are Ventana Serra’s operational growth numbers and who are your main partners in Mexico?
MP: Ventana Serra tripled its operations between 2015 and 2017, mainly due to our focus on specialization. Opening local offices has also been beneficial for connecting with our clients. In the last three years we opened new branches in Queretaro, Guadalajara and the Mexico City International Airport. We are starting a new project with several OEMs and that will lead to better results for Ventana Serra.
Q: What do you see as the main opportunity for automotive companies to improve their logistics operations and how are you planning to address those needs?
FP: One of our main goals at the moment is to develop an integrated logistics platform, which is something that automotive companies sorely need. Clients used to outsource their sea or air shipment to one company, their customs operations to another, transportation to warehouses with a third, and so on. Trends are changing and now clients want a single partner that can handle all these activities.
We are constructing a portfolio that will help us offer material transportation to docks and airports, international shipments, customs operations at the destination, transportation, insurance, pick and pack and warehousing before reaching distributors and the end client. We have already received requests for these services and we see an enormous opportunity to develop. The company has established a much more aggressive client attraction strategy and we expect to take advantage of all the new OEM projects arriving to the country. Each new plant brings tens of new suppliers and we are in an excellent position to support their new operations.