Supplier Seeks to Become Testing Center for Other Local Players
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Supplier Seeks to Become Testing Center for Other Local Players

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Gonzalo Esparza - Tachi-S México


Q: How has your project for the construction of a design and testing center (TSELA) evolved?

A: Our project was defined as a design, testing and advanced engineering center. We are about to complete the last stage of our testing lab that will include a state-of-the-art sled machine. That will give Tachi-S the capacity to run 100 percent of all testing required by the automotive industry, not only for seating systems but for many other components. We will be ready to serve the local and regional industry, and we are making progress in training local talent and absorbing part of the activities normally developed by Japan or the US. Our priority now is to speed up the training process to be able to run all design processes for new projects locally. We also plan to offer our new testing capabilities to other companies that might gain a competitive advantage by running their tests locally.

Q: How prepared do you think the local talent is to participate in these types of operations?

A: Local talent is well-prepared. However, there are many companies coming to the region, so it will be difficult to convince specialized talent to stay with the company long enough to take them to the technical level they must reach. That is actually delaying our development but we expect our operations will stabilize soon.

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