Armando Cortés
Executive Director for Industrial Development at ProMéxico
View from the Top

Supply Chain Key for Investment Promotion

Sat, 09/01/2018 - 13:08

Q: What is the main area of opportunity for Mexico to continue being an attractive investment destination?
A: Mexico will continue growing as long as we can diversify the country’s investment sources and export markets, strengthen value chains and continue investing in human capital, engineering and R&D. ProMéxico is confident about the steps that Mexico is taking to develop its strategic industries because those are the internal factors that depend on the country. Inasmuch as Mexico prepares itself and has competitive industries, the country will be more successful.
Q: What are ProMéxico’s priorities to develop the local supply chain
A: It is important to have strong terminal industries but even more so to produce a strong, diversified supply chain with potential for development. Building a national supplier base is an institutional priority for ProMéxico. We cater to advanced-manufacturing industries, such as aerospace, automotive and electronics, which usually share a supplier base. Mexican suppliers are evolving. Rather than catering to a single industry, they are supplying several and diversifying their portfolio. This is a positive step in the development of the country’s advanced-manufacturing industries. ProMéxico focuses on identifying the productive capacities of SMEs so they can join these industries’ supply chains and on boosting Mexican content in these industries through business meetings focused on strategic industrial processes.