José Anaya
General Manager
View from the Top

Tailored Logistics for a Streamlined Market

Tue, 09/15/2015 - 15:55

Q: What unique features does Omnitracs provide within the Mexican market?

A: Since Omnitracs established its Mexican operations back in 1988, it has been a market leader providing advanced and tailored solutions for the unique requirements of the Mexican market, with a vision to transform transportation through technology and insight. Our focus is to provide load safety and fleet management solutions based on hardware, software, and data analysis solutions to the transportation industry. We offer a satellite tracking and localization service with national coverage, as well as two- way communication between managers and every unit in their fleet. That way, our clients are provided with real-time data regarding the use and maintenance of their vehicles. On a global scale, we have more than 30,000 customers in over 60 countries. We provide services and support to approximately one million entities, which means that we carry out 100 million transactions on a daily basis.

Our solutions include routing services, track and trace, operational control through engine data management, operational alerts to facilitate day to day fleet management requirements, as well as business intelligence tools to increase efficiency for short- and long-haul fleets. We provide cutting edge solutions tailored to any size of fleet, with the primary goal of improving logistic flow, as well as reducing operational cost and maximizing security for our clients. We serve customers with full coverage throughout the country, with more than 100 dedicated employees and the necessary infrastructure to cater to their needs on a continual basis. Our customers also benefit from our 24/7 service and support through our Network Operation Center (NOC) infrastructure in Mexico, which uses redundant systems to ensure a constant and reliable service. Our cloud solutions require a lower system investment from our customers, providing a seamless service for their dispatch and security areas, while including data access through web services for their system integration needs.

Q: What are your strategies to attract and retain clients?

A: Our strategies for attraction and retention of clients are threefold. Firstly, we provide an excellent service with a talented team, equipped with the knowledge to constantly improve customer operations. Secondly, our product portfolio covers all basic requirements within the transportation industry, offering a modular, integrated approach that accounts for all eventualities. Thirdly, our new routing solutions provide state-of-the-art services for the implementation of optimal distribution routes that satisfy multiple delivery requirements, such as delivery times, cargo restrictions, delivery priority, and proof of delivery, while optimizing operational costs.

Q: What are the major challenges that clients face in Mexico, and what solutions is Omnitracs offering to help them?

A: The Mexican industry faces a variety of challenges like safety, fuel management, operational control, and cost implications. Our approach is to propose optimum operational processes supported by our technology and insight, with safety measures such as definition of secure routes and stops, as well as the required reaction protocol upon risk identification. Our technology delivers operational alerts if any protocols are broken, provides critical information in order to prevent dangerous driving behavior, and employs vehicle tracking in case of an incident. Regular reports provide an analysis of driving behaviors, which gives our customers key indicators in terms of training gaps and the implementation of disciplinary actions if necessary. This information prevents the driver from stopping in high risk areas that present a potential threat to the integrity of the cargo. An additional benefit is that driver compliance to these protocols results in more effective asset utilization, therefore increasing operational profitability.

Q: What innovations are you planning to introduce to the country in the near future?

A: Innovation is a priority area for Omnitracs. We are adding a new feature to our portfolio that provides route design, territory planning, and dispatching performance. Our telematics solutions also recieve regular updates based on market needs. We are expanding access to our services for smaller fleets, adding vertical markets, and increasing our geographical presence. Innovation represents an integral feature of our internal business, which can be seen through customer experience and the continuous improvement of our processes to increase efficiency and productivity.