Taking the Leap Into Digital Sales

By Mónica López | Tue, 03/30/2021 - 18:09

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The pandemic forced dealerships to adapt and reinvent themselves, becoming content creators, digital marketers and proactive salespeople. Amid this scenario, industry leaders  helped dealerships strengthen their online sales capabilities by engaging in solid partnerships with large e-commerce players. On Thursday, Mar. 25, panelists in Mexico Automotive Summit 2021 shared their experiences and the challenges of today and tomorrow to reinvent digital sales in the industry. According to Guillermo Rosales, Director General of AMDA and moderator of the panel, the COVID-19 pandemic is seen as the greatest challenge of our generation. In such a challenging context,  Fernando Enciso, CEO of Grupo Surman, shared the best best practices for online sales, which has people embracing change in business. During the panel, Jorge Vallejo, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Motor, Carlos García, CEO of KAVAK and Jorge Dávila, Head of Vehicle Marketplace of Mercado Libre shared their journey into the digital world and the challenges they still face in balancing the physical and virtual experience in this particular industry.

Mónica López Mónica López Graphic Designer