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Telematics Help Increase Efficiency, Profitability

Fernando Ardura - Traffilog Latin America


Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 05/17/2022 - 17:00

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Q: How does Traffilog work with its different client segments to improve their operations?

A: Innovation must be directed to meet the market needs. The only way to understand what clients need is to be close to them. Our clients are OEMs, fleets and insurance companies. Traffilog works closely with them to understand their needs and works to add value to their businesses.

In the insurance segment, we provide anti-theft telematics and telemetry to prevent material damage. In both cases, the objective is to protect people, vehicles and cargo. Traffilog’s technology helps to reduce theft, increases recovery rates if vehicles are stolen and improves driver behavior to prevent accidents.

In the OEM segment, we offer advanced telemetry for truckmakers. For example, Traffilog has an alliance with Navistar and all its vehicles are now sold with our technology, providing added value to the truckmaker’s clients. Trucks are profitable when they are on the road as Traffilog’s technology decreases maintenance costs and times while making fuel consumption more efficient. We work similarly with big fleets, offering them greater control of their operation and higher efficiency and safety.

Q: How has telematics evolved over the past eight years?

A: Traffilog has been operating globally for 18 years and for eight years in Mexico. Currently, innovation related to this technology targets video telematics, allowing companies to know if operators fall asleep, use their cellphone or depart from their lane. Analyzing driver behavior is a great addition to traditional telematics, which are oriented to efficiency and maintenance. Video telematics closes the safety cycle.

Another important innovation relates to tire analytics. Tires represent the second-most important cost of operation besides fuel. We offer our clients tire analytics that can reduce their expenses by 15-20 percent.

Q: How does Traffilog’s technology help insurance companies to become more profitable?

A: Traffilog offers all necessary tools to improve an insurer’s business. Insurance companies require low accident rates to remain profitable. In the automotive segment, there is a 62-68 percent accident rate, which means the net profit for insurers does not exceed 5 percentage points over sales. Decreasing the accident rate by 4-5 percentage points would double the profit for the insurance company. Traffilog’s technology prevents theft, increases recovery from theft and reduces accidents, benefiting all actors involved.

Q: How will the global acquisition of SafeRide Technologies impact Traffilog’s operations in Mexico?

A: Traffilog recently acquired SafeRide Technologies, a company specialized in AI and called Questar Auto Technologies internationally. The change may soon be reflected in our Mexican market. Through the acquisition, Traffilog has become more powerful in data analytics and AI, allowing us to offer even better, more integral solutions to our clients.

Traffilog is constantly integrating other platforms and technologies. The world is increasingly becoming more complex and more solutions are needed. One cannot be a specialist in everything but can ally with the best specialist in each segment of the market to offer the most comprehensive solutions to clients. Traffilog has also partnered in the tire analytics segment to offer the most advanced technology.

Q: How has telematics adoption in Mexico grown in recent years?

A: Telematics adoption in Mexico has grown but the responsibility to continue boosting the popularity of this technology is ours. We must talk to clients in their terms, understand their needs and explain to them clearly how our solution will make their businesses more profitable.

Telematics is not expensive. Not using telematics is expensive. If you have several vehicles clocking 120,000km every year with a 2.5km/liter performance, each vehicle consumes 4,000 liters of fuel monthly. If Traffilog’s technology decreases fuel consumption by 5-6 percent, the entire service is paid in savings.

Q: What does 2022 look like for Traffilog in Mexico?

A: 2022 started positively for Traffilog and we have interesting projects in the three segments we serve. Our objective is to consolidate our portfolio and strengthen Traffilog’s relationships with its current and future clients. We are working to implement video telematics and tire analytics in the Mexican market this year, so our clients can take full advantage of our solutions.


Traffilog helps automakers, insurers and fleets unlock the value of vehicle data through telematics, AI and advanced analytics. Traffilog’s services translate into considerable savings for companies, from safety to predictive maintenance and fuel consumption.

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