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Tesla to Open Fourth Showroom in Mexico

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 05/06/2021 - 09:00

Tesla chose Merida, in the southeast of Mexico, for its fourth showroom in Mexico, taking the city by surprise. "No announcements were made locally or nationally but this news gives us strong signals of Yucatan's exponential growth," local newspapers reported.

There are only other three Tesla showrooms in Mexico, one in Guadalajara and two in Mexico City. Of the two in Mexico City, one is in the heart of one of Mexico's most luxurious neighborhoods, Polanco, and the other in the city's south. Additionally, there is a service center in the Monterrey Metropolitan area in the northern part of the country.

Tesla started operations in Mexico at the end of 2015. Now, there are approximately 20 Tesla superchargers mostly in the central part of the country and in the northeast. However, the company expects to open more super chargers, particularly in the southeast and northwest of the country. "We are working to build new supercharging locations all over the world to create additional routes and to expand most concurred stations," states Tesla’s website. Moreover, the company has over 500 charging-on-destination points in Mexico, which "enable (Tesla) driers to visit any of the 32 states."

In line with the advancement of electric vehicles in the country, MBN published a recent piece addressing the boost in EV operations and pointed that Michelin Mexico aims to start producing tires for EVs of brands like Tesla, Mercedes, BMW and Land Rover by 2022 in its manufacturing plant in Leon, Guanajuato. Given the strong stance of US President Joe Biden's policies on EVs, it is likely that North America shifts faster to a more electrified automotive industry.

In Mexico, Tesla will continue to rely on charging partners to expand its network, which allows restaurants, hotels or malls, among others, to receive assisted technical support to install Tesla chargers. "Companies can seize the benefits of being portrayed in the companies' charging map," says Tesla.

Tesla is not the only company expanding its EV charging infrastructure in the country. Recently, BMW Group and Nissan celebrated the sixth year anniversary of their joint US$4.95 million investment in the installation of over 700 charging stations throughout the country.

The main player in charging installation, however, is eDrive as it has been responsible of almost 8 out of every 10 chargers being installed. eDrive says the Mexican market is learning to implement electrification faster. "Mexican dealerships include charging and installation with every new (electric) vehicle sale. This makes it easier for the user. The industry in Mexico has understood that change can be difficult and rather than creating additional steps, it needs to make things easier for the customer," he said to MBN.

Photo by:   Yucatan News
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