Toyota Sells 85,000 Hybrid Models in Mexico
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Toyota Sells 85,000 Hybrid Models in Mexico

Photo by:   Unsplash, Vishal Bonthapally
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Alfonso Núñez By Alfonso Núñez | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 02/15/2022 - 09:46

Japanese automaker Toyota has sold over 85,000 hybrid models in Mexico since its first eco-friendly model arrived in the country in 2010, signaling a stronger presence for electric and hybrid vehicles in the country.


The first hybrid model to arrive in Mexico was the Honda Civic in 2006. At the time the batteries used by these models were much more expensive, so many models reused old equipment to keep costs down. This led to poor sales and limited the penetration of these vehicles into the Mexican market until Toyota’s Prius arrived in 2010.


The Prius saw a tremendous sales boost in 2016, when Mexico’s policy to restrict circulation in the capital and neighboring metropolitan areas, “Hoy No Circula,” exempted EVs and hybrid models. Because of this shift, additional automakers betted in the country’s hybrid market: Ford brought its Hybrid brand Fusion in 2016 and Kia its SUV Niro the following year. Electric models by multiple brands followed suit. In that time, Toyota has sold 37,698 units of its Prius model alone. Today, the Prius has a base cost of MX$443,100 (US$21,700).


Toyota’s Prius, was later joined by the Prius-C in Jan. 2018, the Camry in Oct. 2018, the RAV4 in Jan. 2019 and the Corolla in Oct. 2019. The last hybrid model to arrive was the Sienna in 2021. Toyota’s hybrid sales have been steadily increasing as the carmaker announced reaching 80,000 total sales last October, of which 25,897 were sold in 2021 alone. Since then, Toyota has sold 5,889 additional hybrid models in the country.


Today, Toyota dominates the hybrid market and represents 85 percent of hybrid sales, according to INEGI. Its most popular model in the country is the Sienna minivan, the only minivan of its kind in the market, which can be purchased for MX$750,600 (US$36,750). After Toyota’s six different hybrid models, the most sold hybrid vehicles were Ford’s Escape HEV, Kia’s KIA Niro, Nissan’s X-Trail and Honda’s Insight Hybrid.


“For Toyota, it is indispensable to think of the manufacturing of more efficient vehicles, with solutions to positively impact the care for the environment,” Luis Lozano, President, Toyota Motor Mexico, said during the announcement of the company’s achievement in sales. The company has also set its sights on reducing long-term carbon emissions by 90 percent globally. The company also is looking to bring to international markets 30 different electric models by 2030, where it hopes to commercialize 3.5 million units.

Photo by:   Unsplash, Vishal Bonthapally

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