Turnkey Solutions for Quality Work Spaces
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Turnkey Solutions for Quality Work Spaces

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Javier García - IOS OFFICES
Director General


Q: What challenges has IOS OFFICES faced and how has the company overcome them to expand its business offering?

A: Few enterprises change their offices regularly, which means most do not have extensive experience identifying the best equipment and services for their facilities. One of the challenges we have identified is altering the industry’s mindset that rent is the only cost companies need to pay to have a good-quality working environment. Usually, rent only represents roughly 30 percent of overheads that a company must cover for its offices. Our goal is to make more companies aware of the large share of office costs that are unrelated to rent and how they can make better use of their resources.

The use of virtual solutions has changed the term “work” into an action rather than a physical location. Virtual offices and co-working spaces have grown as companies allow their employees to work in places other than the headquarters.

Q: How does IOS Offices select the best facilities and staff to offer ideal solutions?

A: For IOS OFFICES, the human factor is extremely important. Fifty-eight percent of our staff has been recommended by another member of the team and two years ago we decided to stop receiving traditional curriculums and start asking for videos instead. This strategy allows us to more efficiently filter the more than 300 applicants we receive annually.

Our selection process for facilities and equipment is exhaustive. We perform intensive audits on buildings before acquiring them, as well as on surrounding neighborhoods. Our philosophy is to generate more value and not to simply save money. Every detail of a workspace, down to the fragrance, lighting and coworkers’ attitude has a direct impact on the employee’s wellbeing.

Q: How do you adapt your services to different market segments?

A: Offering good quality services is the only way to cover the needs of enterprises working in different market segments. 

We decided to offer products directly targeting companies that request facilities for part-time or short-term staff, as well as companies with more than 100 full-time employees. To do so, we offer virtual and part-time offices, co-working spaces, communications and messaging services, meeting rooms, as well as working environments for 10, 20 or more people. In the automotive industry, for example, focusing on being a mobility solutions provider rather than a car manufacturer has helped designers move from older cars to their current models. IOS OFFICES keeps informed of the customers' new needs via focus group sessions with our members.

Q: What role have international companies played in your business strategy?

A: Companies with international operations represent our largest customer base since IOS OFFICES can offer turnkey solutions that are well-designed and suitable for foreign enterprises’ needs. We are proud to say that many clients find better solutions through us than via providers in their countries of origin. On a national scale, few companies are able to offer competitive working environments with the technology and safety that IOS OFFICES provides.

Q: What are your expansion expectations for the coming years?

A: We have operations in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Cancun, Puebla, Villahermosa, Queretaro and Merida, and have plans to expand our business to new locations that will be announced in upcoming months. We aim to contribute to operational productivity, rather than be seen as another expense. Thus, we plan to take our solutions to other corporations, changing the mindset of professionals in Mexico at companies of all sizes. Work represents an important part of our lives, as 60 percent or more of an adult’s time is spent in work spaces. If employees are unsatisfied with their work space, this unhappiness can lead to lower productivity. We are proud to provide Mexican employees with solutions that allow them to enjoy their work and improve their company’s profitability.

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