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Uber Supports Vaccination for Drivers in Mexico

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 07/01/2021 - 12:40

Uber and Uber Eats Mexico announced that starting June 28, 2021, they will provide partner drivers and delivery partners financial incentives once they show proof of taking a COVID-19 vaccine. "At Uber we have expressed a global commitment to contribute to the world's largest vaccination campaign in history. We are aware that partner drivers and delivery partners are a fundamental piece of our cities’ life and, therefore, of its economic recovery," said Carolina Corral, Latam Operations Safety Director of Uber.

These incentives come as part of Uber Mexico’s recently announced MX$710 million (US$36 million) incentive plan for drivers and delivery partners. Gretta González, General Manager of Shared-rides at Uber México shared with MBN that "this investment shows our commitment to the driver and delivery partners in Mexico. Uber Mexico has been launching a variety of incentives, promotions and strategies to sustain growth. Drivers who use our app have reported a 20 percent increase in profits from pre-pandemic levels. Our initiatives seek to incentivize drivers to come back to the platform to cater to the increasing demand we are seeing as mobility levels start recovering, which will create additional opportunities for everyone," she told MBN.

The company stated that it welcomes all partners that use the platforms to generate flexible income and that receiving vaccination protects them and their communities, as stated by health authorities. All partner and delivery drivers will be informed on how to access these vaccinations incentives and where to send proof of vaccination.

Uber has also enabled special discounts for users going to get vaccinated. Globally, the company has invested US$50 million in protection material for drivers and delivery partners. In Mexico, partners can ask for a reimbursement of all sanitary kits.

In a previous interview with MBN, the company was optimistic that mobility levels would return to regular levels, enabling opportunities for partner drivers. "We are leaving the pandemic behind. People gradually are resuming their activities, which brings opportunities for our partners. The incentives and opportunities we offer are not exclusive to major cities. Our incentives program will apply nationwide," said González to MBN.

According to John Hopkins University’s data, Mexico seems to be entering the third wave of contagions with 4 million daily COVID-19 cases confirmed on June 27, 2021, levels not seen since mid-April.


Alejandro Enríquez Alejandro Enríquez Journalist and Industry Analyst