US and Mexico Work to Safeguard Teklas Automotive Workers' Rights
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US and Mexico Work to Safeguard Teklas Automotive Workers' Rights

Photo by:   Unsplash, Tim Mossholder
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Reneé Lerma By Reneé Lerma | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 10/04/2023 - 13:06

Both the US and Mexico find themselves at the forefront of labor-related discussions.. These issues have predominantly revolved around recent developments at the Teklas Automotive auto parts complex in Aguascalientes, Mexico, which has raised concerns regarding alleged labor rights violations.

Recently, the US has called upon Mexico to conduct a thorough review of labor conditions at the Teklas Automotive facility inAguascalientes. This request marks the ninth such request made by the US in 2023 and the fourteenth overall under the provisions of USMCA, which came into effect in 2020. 

This call for action is a response to allegations of severe labor rights violations, particularly concerning actions taken by the employer against employees engaged in union activities.

Katherine Tai, the US Trade Representative (USTR), emphasized that the goal of this request is to address these workers' rights violations. The focus is on ensuring the upholding and reapect of labor rights , fostering an environment where workers can freely exercise their rights without fear of retaliation and ensuring that employers adhere to international labor standards.

In response to the allegations of labor rights violations at Teklas Automotive, the Mexican Workers' Union League (LSOM) has taken resolute action by formally filing  labor complaints against the company.

Workers at Teklas Automotive have alleged systematic denial of their trade union and labor rights.They assert that the company has unjustly interfered with their attempts to join the union and, in some instances, resorted to employee dismissals.

In light of these allegations, LSOM submitted a complaint through the Rapid Response Labor Mechanism of the USMCA. 

LSOM's complaint is grounded in the belief that Teklas Automotive's actions constitute interference, a practice prohibited by Article 357 of labor law. The complaint further argues that the company's actions  represent clear acts of repression and humiliation stemming from workers' union activities, thus violating fundamental rights protected by the USMCA

To address the situation, LSOM has proposed a series of remediation measures. These include reinstating all dismissed employees, conducting a public act of redress for acts of union repression and public humiliation, issuing  a written commitment to neutrality, recognition of the rights of union representatives and providing necessary information to facilitate union activities.

Photo by:   Unsplash, Tim Mossholder

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