Vehicle Spotlight: 2015 Ford Fusion

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 12:41

The Ford Fusion could be said to be a milestone in the OEM’s history, as it is the tangible result of a change in Ford’s mentality, reflected in hybrid technology and innovative design. The Fusion, which has been in production since 2006, was the first car to showcase Ford’s new grill. The 2013 line is based on the Ford CD3 platform and includes three models that are available in standard and hybrid versions: S, SE, and Titanium. Although the final assembly process for the Fusion takes place in Ford’s Hermosillo stamping and assembly plant, some manufacturing was moved to Michigan in 2013 due to a need for additional capacity.

The highlight of this car is the incorporation of hybrid technology. The Ford Fusion offers five powertrain options with two hybrid variants. The regular versions come with Duratec powertrains and ElectShift six-gear transmissions. The Duratec engine works in an Atkinson cycle manner, providing more thermal efficiency in the air-gasoline combustion process. Ford, as most OEMs today, considers the rising costs of gasoline when designing and improving vehicles, which has seen the Fusion models come equipped with EcoBoost engines. These turbocharged, direct injection engines are an affordable option that achieve 20% better fuel efficiency while reducing greenhouse emissions by 15% when compared to similar engines. The hybrid version has an EPA estimated fuel efficiency of 44mpg for city and 41mpg for highway. Its gasoline engine also runs on Atkinson cycles, delivering 188hp. Since 2013, the Fusion also has a plug-in hybrid model, the Fusion

Energi, with 40mpg for city and 36mpg for highway. In tests, Ford discovered that driving techniques can improve fuel economy by 24%. For this reason, the OEM included the Eco Driving mode in the Fusion, which rates driving behaviors by analyzing parameters such as gear selection and vehicle speed to allow drivers to know how they are driving in terms of fuel efficiency. Other technologies found in this car include the SYNC system, which allows users to use smartphone applications through voice commands, and a camera that displays a rear-view on the dashboard.