Volkbus 15.190 OD

Tue, 09/15/2015 - 15:50

Complementing the Euro V bus family, the Volksbus 15.190 OD was presented in Mexico during the 2013 edition of Expo Transporte ANPACT. This model is assembled in the MAN Truck & Bus plant in Queretaro and offers enough flexibility to work with the most important body builders in the country. With a length between 9.4m to 11m, and a capacity for 36 to 48 seats, this model was created as an intercity bus that meets the highest standards of maneuverability and reliability for the driver. It is equipped with a 4-cylinder MAN D0834 rear engine with a displacement of 4.6 liters. It provides 186HP at 2,400 rpms, with a torque of 700 Nm at 1,100 to 1,600 rpms. This engine has COMMON Rail injection for its four cylinders, and a Wabco 238 air compressor. Furthermore, it offers excellent fuel efficiency without using Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), thanks to its exhaust gas recirculation system. This also reduces NOx emissions by decreasing the final temperature of the exhaust gases.

The Volksbus 15.190 OD uses a 6-shift manual ZF 6S 1010BO transmission, which offers great comfort for the driver due to its servo-assisted “push-type” hydraulic clutch. Its drum brakes are activated pneumatically supported by a MAN EVBec engine brake that helps to increase the productive life of the brake pads. The power steering is a hydraulic  ZF 8091, and in terms of its suspension, the Volksbus has front and rear rigid axles with semi-elliptic suspension springs, as well as hydraulic shock absorbers to offer a smooth ride for the passengers and enough sturdiness to lower maintenance costs. The front axle is constructed with a forged steel beam, while the rear axle is made with stamped steel. This provides the necessary stability for the chassis, preventing it from deforming due to challenging road conditions.

The Volksbus 15.190 OD is a perfect example of how the heavy vehicle industry is progressing in Mexico. Engines are evolving to meet Euro V standards, and even in a natural gas-favorable environment like Mexico, this diesel model is destined to be well accepted. Its four cylinders and exhaust gas recirculation technology will fit perfectly in this new environment, giving it a competitive advantage over models still working with Euro IV standards. Regarding technology, the Volksbus also offer advantages in terms of efficiency and safety. The bus has a travel computer embedded in its system, keeping track of the unit’s fuel consumption in real time. Additionally, the computer keeps track of failure codes, alerting the driver if the unit needs maintenance before its scheduled appointment.