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Volkswagen: Digital Strategies for a Digital Era

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Fri, 12/18/2020 - 09:39

The digital transformation has been powered by the increased use of digital platforms. This is something that has taken over all industries and the automotive sector is no exception. Today, the Mexican Volkswagen Press released a statement regarding how it has innovated and evolved to keep up with the challenges that today’s markets impose. The company calls digital transformation a positive consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic and it celebrates the accomplishments it has made in terms of its digital presence in a market that constantly demands more and more digitalization. 

This year, Volkswagen was one of the most looked up car companies in Mexico, according to Comscore. Volkswagen also celebrated placing as the best car company in the country in the “Ranking of the 500 Most Digital Companies in Mexico.” “Digitalization and connectivity have been and will be a pivotal pillar of Volkwagen’s strategy for the following years,” said Edgar Estrada, Brand Director of Volkswagen Mexico in a press release. And it is this digital presence that allows companies to understand their markets and make an impact on them.

Volkswagen has expanded its digital presence by creating a podcast called Radio Volkswagen, as well as a miniseries on TikTok. The brand’s followers on Facebook surpass 5.4 million, on Twitter it has 911,000 and on Instagram slightly over half a million, among other platforms. Volkswagen’s efforts regarding its digital presence do not focus only on having high numbers in social media, but having an impact on the people who consume its content, which is why an integral strategy is necessary to understand a brand’s consumers.

“We know what audiences like and do not like and we reapply data to our content management to build an efficient and continued positive performance. […] It really allows you to understand more accurately where you need to focus on the marketing ecosystem to drive sales or to be recognized by an audience,” Jaspar Eyears, CEO of Another Company, told MBN in an interview. Eyears focuses on adapting digital strategies to estimate the impact these will have on consumers. “The richness of information lies in analyzing tastes, behaviors, trends, preferences and many other concepts,” wrote Roberto Wong, CEO of DESCIFRA Global, for MBN. “By segmenting the region by qualitative characteristics such as tastes, trends, preferences and all the information collected from digital sources, which also includes the information that is updated daily, digital campaigns can be activated much more precisely,” he said.

Jorge Ramos Zwanziger Jorge Ramos Zwanziger Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst